This Total War: Rome II Unboxing Video Is The Best Unboxing Video Of All Time

We've had regular unboxing videos, which are fine, and we've had 'sexy' unboxing videos, which are shit. What we haven't had are 'being attacked by brutally efficient attack dogs while unboxing' videos.

But that's what the guys from Rally Point, a community video series focusing on Rome II, did. They tried to do an unboxing video of the upcoming collector's edition of Total War: Rome II. Whilst being brutally attacked by trained animals.

I really love this. It's funny to see human beings attacked by dogs. Obviously it's marketing, but it's good marketing. It has dogs biting people! I think that's a positive.


    I canceled my order for Rome 2 ce wasn't worth the price for what comes with it. I'm happy with just the standard

      Down voted cause I want to save my money......

        Upvoted to bring you back to 0.

        I honestly don't generally see much value in "Collection" editions or what have you.

          I love the little trinkets you get. Don't know about a dice game, but that steel case would look awesome on my shelves! My Splinter Cell: Black List statue is going up this afternoon!!

            Agreed @cardinal7477 has to be something that you want to have on display and look good, not a bunch of stuff you look at once and it just sits in the box taking up space

          it all depends on the valve really. I personally always get a blizzard collectors edition because the amount of stuff that you ends up being of good value like 50-70 dollars cheaper than if you were to buy the items sepreately.

          then the developers like Boheamia Interactive where i get the collectors editions to support their efforts. However i dont buy CEs for EA ACtivion or Bethesda or Ubisoft because most of the time they are not worth it or are being extremely evil with their buisness practices

      I'm still getting mine as I love Total War Collector's Editions. It is a lot of money though

    I think I will tell my kids that this will be their job if they dont try hard at school.......then I will buy them a puppy.

    I liek my Shongun 2 collectors. The statue is cool.
    This dice game thing made me go MEH. Costs more too than Shogun 2.

    I allready bought it off Green Man Gaming weeks ago on sale for $40, not looking forward to the 30 GB steam download but.

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