This Week In Games: It's A Duck Blur

Life is like a hurricane. Sometimes it just feels like that, here in Duckberg. This week is a little scant on video game releases, at least on console. Next week is when it all begins to kick off again with Saints Row IV. But this week? It's Payday. Also Duck Tales: whooo-hooooh!

DuckTales Remastered (PC)

What is it? DuckTales... um, whooo-hooooh. Should you care? Look, I have a little bit of nostalgia for the NES version, you probably don't you young whippersnapper. I say yes, but it's hard to recommend outside of that.

Europa Universalis IV (PC)

What is it? A history based strategy game. But you could probably guess that from the name. Should you care? The series is renowned for its depth so, if you like these kinds of games, you might want to check it out. Or keep playing Civ 5, your choice.

Payday 2 (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? The sequel to Payday: The Heist. A game that reviewed and sold moderately well. Should you care? Can't say I'm too excited about it, but apparently it improves on a number of flaws in the original.

Space Hulk (PC)

What is it?A video game based on the Games Workshop board game. Should you care? By all accounts this is looking pretty cool, but is still a very niche targeted game. If you're a fan of the board games, or board games in general, give it a whack.

Worms Clan Wars (PC)

What is it? Another Worms game? Who keeps buying these things? Should you care? I love Worms as much as the next guy, but yeah. Don't you have a million copies of this game on multiple different formats already?


    Ducktales only on PC this week?

      Yeah, more interested in the console release dates on this one. PSN Aus doesn't even have it listed in their coming soon section. boo.

        You just don't know where to look. It was in their pre-order section last week and is out the 14th for ps3 in Australia!/en-au/games/ducktales-remastered/cid=EP0102-NPEB01287_00-DUCKTALESUNLOCK0

    Mark, nostalgia aside, Duck Tales is a solid platformer with rich environments and wonderful music. How can you not recommend it?

      It is good. It's been aaaaaaages since I've played it though.

        Do we know when it's on XBLA Mark? Hanging out to play this.

    wow, it does take me back..

    Always preferred the PC Duck Tales game The Quest for Gold.

    Looking forward to playing Payday 2 this week. Played 1 quite a bit with friends. It's missing Vs mode, but we hardly ever got enough people to play it on Left 4 Dead. I also have friends who don't like Zombies so might be able to get them to play as well.

    Avid fan of PayDay, and have been playing 2 since the beta dropped - damn fun with three friends, but could imagine playing pub would suck. Nothing better than organising responsibilities and heists. Rats on Overkill is still a monumental achievement of teamwork.

    Just hoping they tweak the store/inventory stuff a bit for full launch!

    Zod dammit Mark you've got the Duck Tales theme song in my head now...

    Life is like a hurricane
    Here in Duckberg
    Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes
    It's a Duck blur
    Might solve a mystery
    Or rewrite history

    Duck Tales!

    Last edited 12/08/13 5:00 pm

      Except you screwed up the song

    I played a lot of the Payday 2 beta this weekend and I think it is something you should care about.

    Duck Tales woohoo!

    GMG have it for $15US, reduced to $12US with the 20% coupon code, increased to $13.82AU with the exchange rate.

      GMG25-OGRUH-7SM8H until... today... 25% off :P

        is GMG any good? First time I'm hearing about it and I don't think a $3 discount for ducktales is enough for me to sign up as a new customer for yet another e-retailer.

        Unless they're awesome, in which case, I'll sign up.

          They're alright. You can sometimes get steam games way cheaper than steam are selling the games themselves. You just have to look out for the discount codes.

        Meh, doesn't pay to wait, thanks for the code. Much appreciated. Now to wait till I can dl and install it tomorrow!!!!

    Already got Payday 2 and Worms preordered.
    I'll probably snap up DuckTales as well.

    Why does Scrooge not break open his skull when diving into a pool of gold coins? Shenanigans!

    CBF with what will be annoying achievements for this game.

    Going to pick it up on WiiU and just enjoy the experience.

    I'll be grabbing Duck Tales on the Wii needs more love.

    Space Hulk this week I am gonna rage so hard at that game. The Genestealers can kiss my rosy red arse!

    Duck Tales... all I can think of is the youtube video "scientifically accurate Duck Tales" video. If you haven't watched it, you need to. Definitely NSFW but hilarious.

    According to wikipedia, retail PS3 release of DuckTales is on 20/8/13 and XBLA release on 11/9/13.

    IIRC Duck Tales comes out on WiiU in a couple of days! Can't wait!!

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