This Week In Games: Rayman Legends Is Finally Out!

Ever since blasting through Rayman Legends on the PS Vita, I've been super keen for Rayman Legends. Now it is here my friends. It is here. Welcome to This Week In Games — what are ye buyin'?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (PC)

What is it? Square Enix's newest MMO. Should you care? I think if you liked the previous Final Fantasy MMO you'll be interested in this, but newcomers? I'd start elsewhere. Maybe try a different game.

Killer Is Dead (360/PS3)

What is it? The latest Grasshopper game. Suda has slapped his name on this one as 'Executive Director', but it's largely a game by Hideyuki Shin. Should you care? If you're a fan of Suda it might be worth checking out.

Lost Planet 3 (360/PS3)

What is it? Remember that slightly cool game that came out ages ago? The made a sequel. And then another one. This is the other one. Should you care? I'd avoid it. I didn't like the last one and the first was alright, for its time, but I don't know if there's a place in my life for this game. You may disagree.

Madden NFL 25 (360/PS3)

What is it? The second biggest sports game in the world! Should you care? If you like NFL, then Madden is actually a very good video game.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 (360/PS3)

What is it? Set sail for One Piece, become the strongest pirate in the world GOMI GOMI PUNCH! Should you care? I think you have to be a massive, massive One Piece fan for this kind of stuff.

Rayman Legends (360/PS3/Wii U)

What is it? Oh boy oh boy. This is the game guys! This is the game. Should you care? Oh yes. Definitely. The last main Rayman game was great. The iOS game was also great. Rayman is kicking all sorts of goals right now (did I really just write that sentence?)

Shelter (PC)

What is it? This is a game where you play as a badger protecting her young. As weird as that sounds, I'm intrigued. Should you care? It looks super interesting, although the video that shows one of your children being eaten by a hawk — traumatic. Hawkward.

The Chaos Engine (PC)

What is it? A remake of the classic Bitmap Brothers game. Should you care? Fans of the original should certainly be curious. Hope they remake Speedball 2 next!


    Saints Row having been delayed, and the desire to play... something, may see Lost Planet get more sales than we're expecting.

    I ordered killer is dead thinking it was a Suda game!
    All the marketing and interviews are with him. Misleading and Dodgy!!!!

      They did the same with lollipop chainsaw he like co directs them

        Ah ok. I am just being dramatic anyway. You can tell co or not he has plenty of input.

    I thought that Rayman Legends wasn't out until next week so I double checked on steam and its out on Friday. Hooray!

    oh Serrels... "Hawkward" nice.

    "I didn’t like the last one and the first was alright"

    What!? Lost Planet 2 was great! Yeah there were a lot of stupid decisions, like making you hold left, crouch and press jump to roll, but it has some of the best co-op moments in any game from history. Most "co-op" games are just two players shooting bad guys, Lost Planet 2 had you working together. From someone driving one mech while two players sit in the turrets, combining two giant mechs Voltron style to make a huge tank (also one in multiplayer that took like 5 mechs) all the way to driving a giant cannon on DOUBLE trains.
    Although, based on the developers that they gave the franchise to, seems like Capcom are just trying to prove to themselves, yet again, that other developers kill franchies rather then themselves.

    Anyways, Rayman! Glad they finally found something to do with him.

    WOW... really a remake of the chaos engine... didn't even know this was happening, man i loved that game, brb finding a copy :D

    Damn FF14 will dip into my payday2 time :(

    Ever since blasting through Rayman Legends on the PS Vita, I’ve been super keen for Rayman Legends

    That awesome?

      I spotted that one too. I presume he means Origins. Pretty funny though :-)

      Last edited 26/08/13 11:13 am

    ah i remember caring about rayman legends... when it was a wii u exclusive...

    now i'll get it on pc probably... during a sale... lol

    Rayman Legends! YES...

    Gets Vita ready... oh wait, Rayman Legends is delayed on the Vita to September 12th? The Only platform to receive a delay?


    Another 2 week wait ahead! :( :( :(

    Probably pick up Killer Is Dead for the hell of it...

      The Only platform to receive a delay?
      Son, you don't know what a delay is. I was ready to play it in February on the Wii U...

        Lol, I should have stated "additional" delay...

        That being said, still feel as though I'm correct in saying it, we all knew the game would eventually be multiplatform, so I still would have waited the same amount of time had the Wii U launched back in February anyway... ;)

    What was the RTS game that had robots and stuff from Bitmap Brothers? They were like drinking oil as beer and shit, from what I remember. IT was a cool game though with its own style and look. Stood out when I played it, I remember smashing that game, but cannot remember what it was called. Anyone?

      The bitmap bros game was Z I think...

      it was called "Z"

      you can actually get it on iOS now

      Last edited 26/08/13 11:27 am

        Ah sweet. Thanks for that. Should do a remake of that one for PC> Would be a good blast. Just remember it had its own style at the time that stood out. Thanks for the info!

    I'll be all over Killer is Dead! And I may well give that Chaos Engine remake a look too.

    I've seen on the US Kotaku site, that Brothers - tale... and TMNT are suppose to be out on PC, anyone confirm this?

    Last edited 26/08/13 11:33 am

    All I saw in that article was "Speedball 2". Damn you Mark.

    But yeah, I'll be grabbing Rayman for some shitz n giggles with the fam on the Wii U. Origins was a blast multiplayer.


    Should you care? I think if you liked the previous Final Fantasy MMO you’ll be interested in this, but newcomers? I’d start elsewhere. Maybe try a different game.

    Actually it's the opposite with FFXIV ARR. This version is a complete do-over of the original FF XIV, which was an absolute turd at release, not fit to be out of alpha. They've basically overhauled everything to make the game play like a proper MMO and it's very good - it's effectively a whole new game with the same setting as the original one.

    Also if you went in expecting something like the actual previous FF MMO (FFXI) then you'd be disappointed as it plays very differently. Additionally I'd say it's pretty accessible and deliberately eases you into most of its systems so first-time MMO players wouldn't be overwhelmed.

    Last edited 26/08/13 12:07 pm

    Ooh, Killer is Dead. Forgot about that.


    Lost Planet 3 is on PC this week too... just FYI

    As a note, FFXIV ARR (pirate edition) is PS3 as well. As another note, I am very happy to see Rayman: Legends with an all consoles listing. Now if only Bayonetta 2 went multi-console as well.

    Am seriously looking forward to Rayman Legends. Loved the Wii u demo and challenge download.

    JB is also selling it seriously cheap for a new release ($57 or so instore but advertised as $59). Not sure of the 360 or PS3 prices.

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