This Year's 'Biggest' Video Game Is Not Call Of Duty Or GTA

This Year's

Not in terms of literal game size, at least. No, the honour of the game with the biggest world will surely go to Bohemia's upcoming ArmA III, which takes place on an island so damn big one of its designers went out and made this comparison chart.

Drawn (roughly) to scale, the top half are maps from previous games/expansions in the ArmA franchise. The big map in the middle? That's Altis, from ArmA III, which is even bigger than it looks because you'll be able to explore much of the ocean floor around it as well.

The maps down the bottom are worlds from games like Skyrim, Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto. Oh, and Counter-Strike, just for laughs.

You can download hi-res versions at Karel Moricky's site below.

Terrains [moricky]

This Year's
This Year's


    Rome 2? While I know that the games above are action/adventure/RPGs and you can walk from one end of the GW to the other, but you'll be able to fight a battle anywhere in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa with unique terrain. That's gotta count for something?

      Actually for Rome they've modelled the entire map in 3D. Fight a battle in one place walk two kilometres down te road and you can see you last battlefield down the street.

    I never realized how big the forbidden land in Shadow of the Colossus was. Man that game was so ahead of its time.

      Yeah, that seems wrong to me - it's nearly the same size as all of Skyrim, and I felt sure Skyrim was much bigger.

        Yeah, Skyrim is definitely bigger. There is no way the forbidden land is that big, unless Agro is just a lot faster than she feels?

          You can traverse most of the place in about 5 mins, but it'd take you at least twice that to cross Skyrim I think. But maybe it's just a case of movement speed? Skyrim never felt that slow though, and the scale was about right.

          Possibly helps that the temple in the forbidden lands is right in the center and you're always starting there and traveling to your next target.

            I think that might be it. Also, there are a lot of places in the forbidden land that are off the beaten track, not to mention the size of the actual areas you fight the Colossi in; Malice's arena is massive.

    I'm actually amazed that Caspian is so big. I had no idea it was that big when compared to other games.

    It is fantastically enormous and has so many little bits of detail to find that I suspect I'll be flying around saying "ooh wonder what's down there" and landing to investigate for weeks to come

    So what is the biggest in terms of File Size? :)

    Games are getting ridiculously big these days in terms of hard drive footprint.. be interesting to see which games have the biggest footprint

      for some reason (I really have no idea why) but I dreamt last night that the GTA V files were 200MB in total and that made me really excited. Again, I have no idea why

    Plenty of larger games to compare with. Fuel, for example, takes over half an hour to cross in the fastest (free roam) vehicles iirc.

      Just Cause 2. There are a few glaring omissions.

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