Tim Cahill Is On The Cover Of FIFA Again, Where He Belongs

Tim Cahill Is On The Cover Of FIFA Again, Where He Belongs

I’m a fan of the old soccerball and it is my opinion that Tim Cahill is the greatest Australian player that ever lived. So I was glad to hear that old Timmy has made the Australian cover of FIFA 14 alongside the ubiquitous Lionel Messi. Good choice Australia! Good choice.

In the most press releasey statement in the history of press releases, Tim Cahill talked about how great FIFA 14 and EA was and how it delivered the “authentic sports gameplay” experience and stuff like that.

“The FIFA franchise is such an ingrained part of football culture for so many millions of fans worldwide,” he said, in a statement. “I’m thrilled to be working with the EA SPORTS team again for the launch of FIFA 14. Every year they deliver new innovations that make the game more authentic and more fun to play. It leads the pack with the best technology and realism that delivers the most authentic sports gameplay experience. Bring on September 26!”

I’m reluctant to say this, because I know that Tim Cahill does genuinely like video games and is a big fan of FIFA 14, but that has got to be one of the most blatantly PR prepared ‘quotes’ I’ve ever seen on a press release ever. Pretty sure the chances of him saying those actual words in real life are next to nil.

Still — Tim Cahill on the cover of FIFA 14? Again? I’m down with that. I’m counting down the days until he comes home from the US to play one underwhelming season the West Sydney Wanderers. We’ve gotta take what we can get…


  • Kewell is the best in my opinion.

    Also I would have liked to see Bale on the cover! $100 million dollar man!

  • Yeah I’m not buying the Aussie one for that very reason, bring on Italian copy with Stephan el sharaawy on the cover

  • Actually a little surprised we’re still going with Tim Cahill. Then again, I could not think of many other Aussies/Socceroos other than Tim who could fill the position right now. Maybe Schwarzer as second goal keeper at Chelsea? Haha, a goal keeper on the boxart would be interesting! In saying all that, I still think Harry Kewell is a legend – pity he’s only just got back into it all with Melbourne Heart though.

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