Tropes Vs. Men In Video Games

That fedora. So good.

This satirical send-up of "Men's Rights" activists (starring funny video-maker and Mega-64 collaborator Frank Howley) makes a number of valuable points about the gender divide in gaming. Also it's hilarious.

Worth noting: there are certainly valid critiques to be made about Anita Sarkeesian's "Tropes vs. Women In Video Games" series — and Kotaku boss Stephen Totilo is planning to give that criticism some serious attention in the future. This video addresses a totally different subject — and it's worth watching accordingly.


    Saw this yesterday and thought it was pretty funny, what's even better is all the comments thinking it's serious and going bat-shit crazy at him.

      I'm sure he can handle it, Mega64 are professional trolls.

        That's not Mega64, is it?

          Well it says in the article

          (starring funny video-maker and Mega-64 collaborator Frank Howley)

          So I just assumed.

            Ahhh, collaberator. Yeah, he's not a Mega64 cast member. I suppose he's done things with them at some point. Mega64 are hilarious tho, you should check em out.

              I keep meaning to. I've seen some collabs they've done with Rooster Teeth and those were great.

                Their humour is really niche. Most of my friends think they're a bit meh, and I'll admit their humour is really strange, but it makes me laugh SO damn hard. The RT episode where Mega64 kill themselves was hilarious.

    Dude, it's like you were channeling the spirit of Anita with perfect accurately!

      I think you missed the point (The dude in the fedora is making fun of MRAS.

      Also, influx of angry, defensive MRAS in 3, 2, 1...

    Ah, I'm sure the men's rights section of Reddit will be loving this guy ;)

    Time to let the misconceptions surge their way into the videos comment area.

    Ahh internet never change =)

    That fedora makes me want to be sick into my own scorn.

      What's the thing with fedoras? Is it supposed to be symbolic of something else?

        Supposedly wearing a fedora was in a pick up artist manual once.
        Since then it has been co-opted as a sign of a "nice guy" (with quotes): a guy who doesn't have the social skills to find a girlfriend/sexual partner, but instead believes that they are owed sex because they are nice to women.

        Fedora adoption has increased as self-proclaimed "gentlemen" wear them to combat "swag" with "class". It's become the hallmark of the common nice guy internet male who is indulging in an undeserved sense of superiority, as though the ability to wear a fedora is anything other than an indication that you are just as susceptible to trends as everyone else and had three bucks to piss away at Walmart.

    Hahaha, I loved all the subtle bits like that random Turok clip.

    To be fair, calling it "Men's Rights" invalidates an entire valid movement and concern. Men's Rights also focuses on issues such as inequitable child support and access, which are not something to be laughed about.

    While Jason seems to be a strong advocate on women's issues, this sort of dismissive commentary is very disturbing.

      While Men's Rights are a genuine concern, in internet terms a "Mens Rights Activist" (or MRA) is generally someone with extremely misogynistic or anti-female views and taken about as seriously as extreme tumblr feminists who believe that a man asking a woman on a date is the same thing as rape. That would be the type of viewpoint that is being lampooned here.

    "Perfect dark is a game that came out in the 80s about a girl who goes around killing men." I couldn't stop laughing. Then the Turok clip played. Absolutely perfect.

    Bahhahaha fantastic. Oh I don't even know where to start. Love.

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