Twitter Is Great At Finding Morons

Twitter Is Great At Finding Morons

In the past two weeks, Twitter has been news in Japan. I don’t mean Twitter itself. Oh no. Rather, it’s the idiots Twitter finds.

This has been a trend of late, especially in the service industry. Previously, Kotaku covered the Japanese convenience store employee who crawled into his store’s ice cream freezer. That employee was dismissed and the store was temporarily shutdown.

Then, there was the Burger King employee who sprawled out on a bed of burger buns. Burger King apologized for the incident, stressing that customers did not consume said buns.

You’d think with high profile events like these, events that made nationwide TV in Japan, individuals working in the service industry would be a little savvier about their Twitter use — or, just in general, be smarter and more respectful. You’d think! Well, no. Other incidents continue to happen.

There’s this Bronco Billy Steak House employee who uploaded a photo of himself in a refrigerator, writing, “I’m at my part-time job. There’s 10 minutes left.”

Bronco Billy has apologized, shuttered the restaurant temporarily so it can be disinfected, and said it will retrain its employees. It is also looking into what happened and will take the necessary disciplinary measures.

An employee at a noodle restaurant in Osaka called Marugen Ramen recently uploaded a photo of herself with ramen ingredients in her mouth, writing how “so very amusing” her part-time job was. “We drink soda, or we put frozen sausages in our mouths and play with them. We take bites from various things; it’s hilarious.”

The ramen restaurant has since apologized for this employee’s antics. The restaurant is being shuttered for the time being while it’s disinfected and cleaned, and the staff are being retrained. This employee and her apparent cohort, however, were fired.

And finally, here is a Mini-Stop employee scanning his crotch. People online in Japan were obviously upset, and there was anger that the employee put the scanner, which is used to scan food, on his nether regions. He also apparently tweeted that he put pubic hair in the store’s safe and said the Mini-Stop employees often check the porno mags when there are no customers.

Mini-Stop apologized for the incident, saying it would strive to prevent something like this happening in the future. Online, there is a report that the employee was fired, that the store was disinfected, and that the police were even notified over his misconduct.

In Japan, Twitter is called a “baka hakkenki” (バカ発見器) or an “idiot detector.” No doubt these latest morons will be joining the ranks of Japan’s stupidest Twitter users.

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  • I don’t think they are morons. They are obviously young, bored or treated badly by the company which is extremely common in Japan. I don’t approve of the what they did, but it is hard to let off some steam/stress in Japan, so I understand why they do it. In my company sexual harassment is even ignored, so the company may deserve such things.

  • These are normal things that happen in this industry. Short of actually serving something contaminated, employees will do all sorts of things to make their job a little more fun.

    Posting evidence online however, is quite moronic.

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