Two Modes Offer New Twists On Call Of Duty's Multiplayer

"Cranked" and "Search and Rescue" will join the playlist in Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer this year, offering variants on the game's team deathmatch staples. As discussed at today's multiplayer event in Los Angeles, in Cranked, a kill will boost a player's speed and other attributes, but it'll also start a countdown clock; get another kill before it expires or your player will be blown up.

Search and Rescue is a team mode that allows downed teammates to be revived. Players who shot down drop a dogtag; if a teammate picks it up, they'll be revived. If an enemy picks it up, they're killed.


    I have a plan.
    Don't buy another CoD until say 2015/16.
    By then they will have added enough small features over the series that it will actually feel like a new game then.
    Plus with the next gen platforms we might even see a *new engine finally
    *overhauled does not count as new
    **even with fish AI

      Stop being such a negatron.

        Not trying to be negative.
        Trying to find a way to enjoy a franchise that I used to back in the day before it was beaten like a dead horse.

          For a competitive arena shooter i'd call yearly releases with even slight changes the opposite of beaten like a dead horse. People still play Quake, for hours a day, and it hasn't changed a bit. New stuff is good, stop looking at the past with rose tinted glasses aha.

          These modes look good, something refreshing while still comfortable.

      I'm in the same boat. I've skipped everything since Black Ops 1, unlikely to another one for a while.

      How anyone can say the series is 'progressing' is beyond me. Dogs and fish AI is not advancing.

        do you like fishsticks?

        There's not many FPSs I play anymore, let alone consider buying a new one. Borderlands is pretty much the only new FPS I like. All these ultra-modern, realistic games just aren't that appealing to me.

          Borderlands is pretty much the only new FPS I like too, but, after a while, I realised that the only reason I liked it was because it was a good RPG more than anything.

          Shooters have been done to death.

      Not to burst your bubble or nothing but:
      - Call of Duty: Ghosts will be running a new engine (confirmed for PS4/Xbone)
      - This will be essentially the COD that people have been waiting for those very changes
      - New Perk system
      - And now with controllable Dog?

      Edit: it's a reply to dax-rattler but it's already been replied too so much it's got half the pages space revenue ;)

      Last edited 15/08/13 2:32 pm

        Plus sliding along on your knees, more destructible environment, new game modes (Cranked looks sick!), much updated character customization with 20,000 possiblities to start and more likely to be added.

        Exciting times.

          Yeah I actually think Cranked might just be my all time favourite gametype because I despise campers and love to run and gun and it seems to be appealing to that type of gameplay.

          Last edited 15/08/13 3:08 pm

            Yep it looks perfect for that. I also hope they nail gun game and a sticks and stones variant as I love their fast paced play as well.

            Definitely agree with you there. And combining the most fast paced run and gun game mode with the slowest most tense one? Genius!

        "new engine" - confirmed for an updated engine. Seriously, look at the reveal video from the Xbox conference.

      this was pretty much the effect I had getting Black Ops II after the first Modern Warfare

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