Valve Tour Leaks Left 4 Dead 3?

Valve Tour Leaks Left 4 Dead 3?

Well this is certainly interesting. Tourists at Valve's Bellevue-based headquarters may have inadvertently leaked the existence of Left 4 Dead 3, a sequel that is not entirely unexpected, but still unannounced.

Check out the following photo, shot by members of the Dota 2 Reddit community, who were invited to visit Valve while in town for the Dota 2 International this week.

Valve Tour Leaks Left 4 Dead 3?

And here's a closer look:

Valve Tour Leaks Left 4 Dead 3?

Perhaps the next game on Valve's slate is the third entry in their popular co-op zombie-shooting series? Sadly, there's no mention of Half-Life 3 in there, although I'm sure you can piece together an ARG if you try hard enough.


    Let's hope we can get the full version this time, if/when it comes to be (though thankfully in the mean time, someone has updated the Left4Uncut tool that was disabled by a recent L4D2 update. Its now called Left4Gore for those interested)

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      I got an Aus copy of the 360 game as a Christmas gift, wasn't much of a problem to return that for a refund and import the proper version :P

      But yeah hopefully that won't be required this time round.

        The Aus version was a joke.
        I was working at JB HiFi at the time, and would tell those who were gonna buy it that it was watered down so much that it was a waste of money and to just import it.
        My games manager over heard and thanked me since he was gonna buy it, but instead now opted to import it.

          LoL nice. Yeah I saw the side-by-side comparison video and it would've been funny if it was actually a joke :/

      kill all sons of bitches. those my offical instructions

    It also reveals they are working on source 2 as well.

    however i thought it leaked a while ago that L4D3 was happening? Or at least it was very heavily rumoured.

      source 2 isn't really a secret, in fact it kicked off alot of rumours about L4D, half life, and portal, all getting the 3rd instalments done.

    I enjoy this not only because I really like L4D, but also because of the amount of online whining and complaining all those waiting for Half-Life 3 will release.

    This is why we have a "no photos or we'll run you down with a T-Rex. And then sue you" policy for all of our tourists.

    Development doesn't mean we'll see it any time soon, though. There's definitely a lot more effort going in to other things right now, by the look of it.

    L4D3. Add 4 letters to D and switch round the letters...HL3. L4D3 is really the working project name for HL3. Hooray for Gaben

    On another note, do you think the 'tourists' were busy taking pictures of absolutely everything including what the staff were wearing on their shoes and what the froth looked like in their coffees?

    It'll be interesting to see how they do it. After the success of TF2, it's not hard to imagine L4D3 being a free to play game where your character can wear hats.

    i got really sick of l4d quickly

    it got really repetitive

    and people mess around too much instead of focusing on progressing

    that being said, we need more co op games!

      Agreed! We desperately need more good OFFLINE AND ONLINE! coop games.

        In what universe??? Coop is far more ubiquitous these days than PvP multiplayer which was big at the start of the generation.

        Case in point (games with coop and no competitive mode)

        Mass Effect 3
        Saints Row 3
        Dead Space 3
        Dead Rising 2 OTR

        None of those games have a PvP mode - furthermore there's been a rash of games shoe-horning in coop where none is called for - the worst offender being Battlefield 3 whose team based multiplayer provides a better coop experience than the awful lifeless 2 player box tickers they added to the disc

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          i just want to play through the campaign with a friend

          i didnt know saints row had coop!??

          Mass effect campaign coop would be soooooo sweet

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            Yeah all Halo games have a coop campaign right?

            Certainly I've played split screen on 3 and Reach

    "Do not flush store cache when creating new DLC".


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