Warface Coming To Xbox 360, Still Called Warface

"The face of war has changed," begins this trailer for Warface. And yet the name of Warface has not changed. It is still Warface. And, thank god, really.

Crytek's absurdly monikered free-to-play multiplayer shooter will be coming to Xbox 360 in 2014. It's a remarkably dour, serious game, considering that it's basically impossible to take a game called "Warface" seriously. This trailer introduces us to the good guys, who are called — what else? — "Team Warface". The bad guys are called "Blackwood".

So, starting sometime next year, Xbox 360 owners will get to experience the face… of war. The more time passes, the more I'm beginning to think that this whole thing is an elaborate troll, that they know that we can't help but mock the game's name, but at least that means we'll keep writing about it. But I just don't know anymore. When Crytek's head guy tells the press that the game is called Warface because, "I think it's very personal. I think it's a very social experience," like… is this guy for real?

OK, what do you think? Warface, as a name: Troll, or for real?


    it makes me laugh every time i hear warface LOLOL

    The only mildly positive thing I could think of while watching was, "Is that the same narrator as Team Fortress 2?"

      I find it hard to see any reason for this game to exist, given the number of other, similar shooters already out there. And I doubt this will have much to make it stand out from the COD/BF crowd. I don't have much faith in Crytek's ability to make a great game anyway. Great tech? Yes. Game? No.

        Yep. Sadly in recent years, id Software has been heading in the same direction. Great tech, average games.

    'If you want easy you've picked the wrong side'?

    Did she really just say 'you all suck, the enemy is going to run right through you'?

    The Rock Paper Shotgun guys had no idea what was going on anymore.

    (A running gag in the RPS comments is calling things FACE, mocking the stereotypical war-face.)

    Who gives a shit! Kirk is locked on with this one haha

    Warface is a legitimate word!!!!!

    Stop harping on it Kotaku, you might as well give the word "tree" shit.

      yeah it's not really any stupider a name than most things.

      'Put on your warface'

      Anyway there was a demo, beta or something of warface a while back on PC. The whole free to play aspect where I think you needed points and shit to do stuff. That you could slowly earn or buy. It just wasn't fun and I am in the camp of. "i'd rather just pay $80 for a complete game then constantly paying smaller amounts.

      Yeah, nothing wrong with it at all. It's a perfectly cromulent word.

    I don't understand why they just don't do a F2P multiplayer Crysis. Every time a Crysis demo (beta) has gone up on the 360 they are downloaded and played by more people than ever buy the full game.

    Just release that and soak up money on the back end - rather than a COD clone

    Going to show her my Warface:


    Thank god. The Xbox really needs another first person shooter.

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