Watch 12 Minutes Of That Zombie Game By The Team That Makes Zombie Games

I managed to take in a pretty hefty demo of Dying Light at E3 and it was a conflicting experience. It's zombies. Again. And just the mention of the 'Z' word was enough to make me involuntarily roll my eyes. But once the footage started rolling I my stupid old brain turned itself off and I allowed myself to get a little bit excited about it.

The above video looks a lot like the demo I saw at E3 (in fact I'm almost sure it's the exact same one) so I'll allow you to make your own mind up.

Everything about Dying Light feels like it has been borrowed from another property, but it still managed to feel like a video game I'd like to play. I loved the Mirror's Edge style free-running for example, and I can't think of another game that's done a decent job of replicating that sense of real speed and danger since. Dying Light might be that game before Mirror's Edge 2 becomes that game, so I am interested.

Visually the game is also striking. Not just frame by frame, but in terms of scale. I remember leaving the demo feeling like I had seen a proper next gen game in action — in terms of production values at least.

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    Jade, the woman talking to you, is enough to stop me buying this one...
    Such terrible voice acting.

    'Get to the drop, hurry'
    'Go and check out the screams, you have time'
    'Hurry up and get to the drop'

    Make up your mind you annoying woman!

      I hate to be that guy but...

      He says "I need to check something out"
      Jade: "Now?"
      Him: "It won't take long"
      Jade: "You don't have the time!"
      So, there was definitely consistency to Jade's speech, your comment made me re-watch it just to confirm :)

      Looks like a good game so far, bring it on! I wonder how heavily scripted it is though.

      ed: This is what happens when I walk away from the computer for half a day then come back and write a response without first refreshing the page (and yes, I understand very well the irony of this). @augrunt cleared it up succinctly, but I'll keep my original post in to expand upon that clarification and to add my own thoughts to it.

      Hey @se1z,

      I've supplied a transcript of the encounter you specified. You will notice that Jade's directive throughout that short interaction is for the player character to get to the airdrop as soon as possible.

      If you don't like the accent or quality of the voice acting, that's okay, British accents and mid-range VO quality aren't for everyone.
      However, the misrepresentation of a character and application of the "annoying woman" label because you lack comprehension skills isn't so okay.

      PC: "Jade, I need to check something out"
      Jade: "Now?"
      PC: :It won't take long"
      Jade: "You don't have the time"
      -PC finds the girl-
      PC: "Jade, I've found a little girl. She's scared out of her mind, I could-"
      Jade: "I know you could, but you need to focus on the job at hand. Look, I'll find her and pick her up before sunset. We lucked out with this airdrop and you need to get to it before the vultures pick it clean"

      Last edited 16/08/13 6:17 pm

    This game looks like fun... Good visuals too... IDK, something about it just seems great, ill pick it up for ps4 (PC upgrade will probably cost more for the first year or 2 of next gen)

    So it's dead island crossed with mirrors edge starring Phycho from Crisys?

    Oh and is that Bane at 4:30?Sounds like old mumble mouth.

    It's too bad it was basically pre-rendered, I doubt it'll look anything like this at release.

    It looks like Dead Island if it were designed competently, and Dead Island still managed to be fun at times in spite of its flaws.

    I actually really like where this game is headed - and it genuinely felt suspenseful when it went dark. One thing though - techland....their games are riddled with bugs! I couldn't get into dead island or riptide so much - although I could see co-op being fun. This game looks sweet though. I love the vegetation animation - the wind blowing etc. The game looks like it will be good, I just want it to be great though.

    I'm guessing the player can't just wait the night out on a roof or something?....

    Imagine this game with the Oculus Rift — it would be terrifying!

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