Watch An Hour Of Arma 3's Massive Military Simulation

The people making the upcoming sandbox military sim Arma 3 recently did a big livestream in which they demoed a number of the game's features. Give it a watch and see what's got Luke so excited.

[h/t PC Gamer]



      So....brutally difficult... Fantastic stuff!

        Indeed! I've been turned off Battlefield in recent years and COD isn't my thing... that's just gorgeous :D

          If you've not got it yet, it's a bit cheaper for a few weeks, the price is supposed to go up when it releases next month.

          Edit: oh that wasn't supposed to be a reply, more a generic exhortation

          Last edited 14/08/13 5:26 pm

    If anyone is interested, definitely watch some of the game play from Dslyecxi. The guys at ShackTac have some epic multi-player videos, serious campaigns not just run and kill.

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