Watch Australian Developers Get Excited/Nervous/Proud At PAX Australia

PAX — in Australia, Boston, anywhere — is unique because its a consumer show where people are interested in seeing eclectic, strange video games. Yes, your big publishers attend with their blockbuster video games, but I can't think of another mainstream gaming convention where indie games get so much attention. That's why PAX Australia was such an amazing opportunity: it gave local developers the chance to get their game in front of people actually interested in playing and buying indie games.

The above video really captures that vibe, and the excitement/terror that comes with showing your baby to the general public. It's another teaser for Game Loading, the Australian-made documentary that, just this weekend, received funding on Kickstarter. And if it's a taster of what's to come, then count me in.


    Whoah, so many people I know... awesome!

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