Watch Street Fighter II Being Played On The Virtual Boy... Whoa.

I remember being confused by the Virtual Boy when I first read about it. Why is it red? Why is it monochrome? Why is it... a thing? But you know what would have made the Virtual Boy a far more exciting prospect? Street Fighter II. Of course, that didn't happen back then, but now some enterprising homebrew developers have managed to get a version of the game working on the Virtual Boy. I need to play this.

The Virtual Boy version of the game allows you to play as four of the original eight fighters in four of the game's locations, but it requires the Flash Boy cartridge, which is apparently notoriously difficult to get a hold of. If you are one of the few people who has one, you can find the game in this thread.

The team at RetroCollect managed to get the game working and described it as "nothing short of groundbreaking". I am beyond curious. I would love to play it but, for now, I'm going to have to make do with the above video.

Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting Unofficially Hits The Virtual Boy [Retro Collect]

Thanks Vooks!


    I played a Virtua Boy in Japan earlier this year and it was surprisingly not horrible. For the first five minutes, at least ...
    Kudos to these people. That's pretty damn cool.

    They should totally bring Virtual Boy games to the 3DS.

    Haha, wow. Never been able to nab a Flash Boy, but I'm hanging out for Project vBoot. Defs gotta remember this is out there once that hits. If at all :P

    I own a virtual boy.... it wasnt a bad investment and a handfull of games, but id love to get my hands on a copy of street fighter for it.....

    Virtual Boy is a great machine, got two of them myself.

    That SF2 is going to be harsh if you have to play a mirror match as there enough colours to effectively palette swap.

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