Watch The Fastest Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker Run In The World


Speedrunner Cosmo Wright is on a roll — last week, he was able to nab the world record for fastest Ocarina of Time run, beating it in 19 minutes and 15 seconds. Today he’s back with another record: the fastest Wind Waker playthrough as of this writing.

You can watch it for yourself. The time is four hours 32 minutes and 26 seconds — the next best is held by Demon9 at four hours, 34 minutes, nine seconds. A difference of minutes, but still, that’s all it takes. And in case you’re curious: this run is on the Japanese version of the game, and it’s for any percentage of completion.

And like I said last time, there are different types of speedruns — for example, ones where you need to get 100 per cent, and ones like this one, where you don’t. Both are valid, and in some cases, doing something other than a 100 per cent speedrun requires more skill, not less!


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