Watch The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Beaten In Just 22 Minutes

Watch The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Beaten In Just 22 Minutes

Speedruns. Glorious speedruns. It’s not something many indulge in, indeed, the dedication, patience and willpower required to smash a speedrun record is almost unfathomable. Yet, there are individuals, like Cosmo Wright who, on January 12, screamed though Ocarina Of Time in 22 minutes and 38 seconds.

CVG has a great piece up detailing Wright’s accomplishment, achieved during a charity event by Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ). If reading isn’t your thing, you can view the run itself, where Wright does an ongoing commentary on the various steps he takes, including bugs in the game that can be exploited to teleport or skip past certain sections.

Take the “Trials Skip”, which is described early on in the video:

Eventually, this guy named Acryte found this thing called “The Trials Skip”, where you push this statue against the wall and you can get through the wall and get up Ganon’s tower without beating the six mini-dungeons.

I know there are several classifications for speedruns — ones where hacks like the above are not permitted, say — but I think it’s fascinating that dedicated ‘runners try all sorts of crazy things to uncover these tricks… though the team responsible for testing the game might not be as impressed.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Speedrun in 22:38 [YouTube, via CVG]


  • Apparently not! I guess I watched it elsewhere.

    It’s an impressive run, that’s for sure. At 25 minutes I’d be still dicking about in the deku tree.

  • That was surprisingly interesting. I liked the commentary, it gives you an insight on how all the exploits were discovered and how people combined them to speedrun the game. Thanks.

  • There’s a skill to figuring out how to break the game’s intended sequence and for those people it is fun challenge , but who would actually watch all 22 mins of this?

    It’s like skipping chapters on a DVD and being proud you “watched” the movie in 5 seconds

    • You don’t have control of a movie to the extent that you have control of a game. I feel that being in control of how fast or slow you complete a game allows you to have a choice of completing the game for completion sake or to explore everything that the game has to offer. Obviously these guys choose the latter, and go above and beyond with sequence breaking. I also think that the collaborative spirit and competitiveness of the speedrun community makes it a great community to be involved in, so good for them.

      I actually have broken a sequence in Metroid Prime, by getting the jump boots just after you start the game, rather than the 4th (or so) item in the game. I was especially chuffed because it was harder in the PAL version. This is before Youtube, too.

    • It’s actually more figuring out to how skip chapters in 5 seconds, when the normal transition between chapters lasts for 6 seconds.

  • That was really interesting. Watched the whole way through, and there’s a lot of preparation and split-second timing that goes into something like this.

    I don’t have any particular interest in playing games in this way, but I really enjoyed watching it.

  • A friend posted this online a few months ago and I watched the first few mins just to get a feel for it. 22mins later and I was completely enthralled! I never even played Ocarina of Time (I know I was denied a Gamecube as a child and am now holding out for a HD version).

    I found it really interesting how there was such a community of runners who had all built up to discover all the exploits for this run. If you’ve got a spare 22 mins and you’re a Nintendo fan its actually worth watching.

    • Wow dude, go to ebay, buy a gamecube and the Ocarina of time/Master quest disc, and go nuts. I think that you will be waiting a long time for a HD version due to the recent re-release on the 3DS. Or you could go the original, which would cost you around $150 for a N64 and the game.

    • Yeah, I don’t think there will be a HD re-release. The game was re-released with a decent dose of snazzy-up as a launch title for the 3DS only two years ago. If you want to play it, that’s your best bet (and it’s a good bet, because it looks and plays amazing, and even the 3D is great). I don’t think it’ll see a console re-release for quite some time… maybe ever.

      Either way, don’t deny yourself. The game is incredible, and it’s astonishing how many of today’s gaming mechanics stemmed from it. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

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