Watch The Wonderful 101's Epic Nintendo Direct Right Here

By the time you watch the Nintendo Direct hypecast for the upcoming Wii U game, you will definitely know when The Wonderful 101 is coming out. Hosted by Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya, today's extended preview gave a deep look at the moves, tactics and characters in the upcoming action/strategy title.

101 feels a bit like Power Rangers +Viewtiful Joe + Pikmin smoothie, with some protein powder for added energy. You'll find the epic-length trailer for the game below.


    so how long before people start sooking over Wonder Black?

    Wow, that was an epic trailer to finish off with. What a crazy game. If the reviews are positive, I imagine this will be a must-have for Wii U owners. And it'll come just in time for people to polish off Pikmin 3. One big name Wii U title per month is all I need to justify the purchase.

    Downloaded the demo.. This game is amazingly fun and addictive. I've read some previews that say its hard to correctly draw the various morph shapes on the gamepad, but I've found it very responsive and very easy. Just preordered this and I can't wait to play the whole game.

    This game is the reason I bought a Wii U, and It's good to see that it's been worth the wait. Definitely going to be a lots of fun, I just hope I didn't see the whole game in that huge trailer...

    English dubbing = No buy.
    Seriously Nintendo, Kid Icarus, Metroid Other M- just keep throwing sales in the bin.

    Bought Pikmin 3 as my first Pikmin game, can't stand it after 2-3hrs of trying to get into it. Just not my thing.

    So to read this may be somewhat similar is disappointing to say the least. Was looking forward to this.

    The gameplay looks like a lot of fun but I have issues with the english dub. I'd advise platinum and other game makers from the land of the rising sun to offer a choice of dub or sub.

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