Watch This Guy Dance Like He’s A Character In A Video Game

America’s Got Talent is NBC’s crowdsourced variety show, designed to get the network from the end of May sweeps to the new fall lineup as cheaply as possible. It still delivers some eye-popping acts, such as Kenichi Ebina, who found the perfect interpretation for his signature reverse-time dance move: a video game.

Earlier in the year, Ebina pulled off this physics-defying “matrix-style” move in a martial arts dance (2:43 of this video) that floored judges and the audience. Now you can see it come to life in an even better setting thanks to the visual backdrop, as Ebina plows through a series of fighting game and platformer scenarios.

Don’t knock the choreography here, even if his dancing partner is an animation. Ebina pulls it all off very well, in multiple perspectives and, yes, tosses in a hadouken (or its allegorical equivalent) for good measure.

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