Watch Us Play Divinity: Dragon Commander Where You...Command A Dragon.

I'll admit, I went into Divinity: Dragon Commander expecting a much stronger focus on the commanding of dragons. Turns out, it's actually the incredibly complicated kind of game I dreamed about as a kid after playing Age of Empires.

I guess I've changed since then, because all I wanted to do was fly around and shoot fireballs at little steampunk robots. Pick up Dragon Commander on Steam or get a boxed copy.


    It's on GOG as well, for those as want it DRM-Free

    best review ever. ....... not buying ( ._.)

    Bought and loved. This might actually be one of the incredibly few games that I finish almost immediately after purchasing.

    no effort into this article lol.
    was genuinely interested to read about the game but was given the above instead.

      The video really does cover everything... It's more about video than article.

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