Watch Us Play Rise Of The Triad, A Throwback To 1995

The re-imagining of Rise of the Triad is here and unafraid to let you loose with nothing to guide you other than your intuition. Too bad my intuition is rubbish. I get myself lost on the way to the shops. But it's safe to say Rise of the Triad is as gore-filled and over the top as you'd expect from a game based on the old shareware title.

And yes, the first shareware episode of Rise of the Triad may have been released in December of 1994, but the full release wasn't till 1995.

Be sure to watch the video above for some gameplay and my thoughts and feelings towards

shooting men with rocket launchers enough until their intestines go everywhere.

Rise of the Triad is out now on Steam and GOG.


    Still think the original was shit.....Sorry, ill hand in my forfeited gamer cred at the door.

      It's all opinions, you're allowed to think it was shit

      Nah, frenetic games like that don't do it for me either. Twitch shooters are boring and repetitive.

    the narrator sounds like he runs a cult, and he wants you to drink the punch.

    He sounds like a depressed Devonshire farmer.
    Not sure the game play appeals much either, On one hand, it's only $15, on the other - it seems to be the same old, same old..

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