Watch Wayne Brady Pretend He's In Grand Theft Auto

On last night’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? (now hosted by the excellent Aisha Tyler) Wayne Brady was tasked with pretending he was a character in a Grand Theft Auto game. For improvising off the top of his head, he did a pretty good job — even throwing in a Hot Coffee reference for good measure.

It's almost like he has experience with this kind of sketch! Check out the video above for more.


    Oh wow, Ryan looks like the only person who hasn't aged.

    that was brilliant. I really need to catch up with the new series too. People saying it's exactly the same as it used to be which is fine by me

      Its pretty close, I think Aisha needs to loosen up a bit, but I can't really critic her too much as all I hear is Lana :D The 'special guest' they now have every episode isn't necessary I feel, but regardless its great to have it back. Trying to find scenes/episodes I havent seen on youtube has been a chore :>

    I just can't get over how old Collin looks now.
    At least he got that nice snowy white hair.

    White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryan Gumbel looks like Malcom X

      "What's this? Mr. Benjamin looks lonely. Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch??"

    Ryan just encapsulated the current SR IV debacle.

    Oh my god.. WHOSE LINE IS BACK AND I DIDN'T KNOW?! Well.. I know what I'm doing this weekend.

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