Thief Will Be Released On February 25, 2014

Release Date Announcement: We just got word from Square Enix that Thief will release on February 25 of next year. You can watch the new Gamescom trailer released in tandem with the news right here.


    Wow that looks amazing. Square Enix really knows how to pull off a trailer - that reminds me of Deus Ex:HR, which had an amazing trailer. I loved Thief 3, so totally pumped for this. It looks like Dishonored but an emphasis on sneaking and stealing. :D

      ...can't tell if troll

    It will sell millions and Square Enix will say that sales figures are disappointing

    Thief 2 is one of the greatest games ever made. Oh Gaming Gods, please let this one be good.

    Well I know what Xbox one game I'll be buying in Feb :D

    Wow, I can't help but bristle every time I see Monaco: What's Yours is Mine's subtitle show up in promotional materials for this game, extremely poor effort by Square Enix' marketing department.

    With such an interesting focus on class disparity, I hope the game amounts to more than stealing trinkets from wealthy people to kick start a revolution.

      i kind of liked the apolitics of garrett in thief... it is refreshing to play a thief being strung along rather than a raving ideologue . but i agree on the tagline, a little cringeworthy.

    I want to comment but my response is being partially blocked by an intrusive WIN! banner.

    "I never paid the price for anything," he says.
    Well, y'know. Except for his rent.

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