Sony's Most WTF PlayStation Ad Yet?

Sony's Most WTF PlayStation Ad Yet?

Sony, the company responsible for the walkman, the PlayStation and lots of very odd ads, is trying to sell the PS Vita and PS3 in Argentina. And they are trying to do it with a most unusual tagline.

The line in the ad above translates to: "When your son is playing he doesn't ask you how he was conceived."


I'm not sure how that sells a Vita or a PS3. Nor am I sure that playing video games dismisses a child's interest to know how babies are made.

I guess the ad's tagline is catchier than "This thing plays that Persona 4 game that people can't shut up about and has a lot of neat indie games coming out for it soon. Also: Tearaway."

Thank you to game designer Damian Hernaez for spotting this for us in Buenos Aires.


    Of course he wouldn't ask... if he was playing the vita I don't think there could be anything more excruciatingly painful than owning one... except for maybe having genital warts

    I am from argentina and believe me, sony does a horrible job here tryng to sell you everything. Also videogames are at least 3 times the price of the states

    Not every ad is designed to sell someone a product. If that were true, then all the Kevin Butler ads would be next to useless.

    "When your son is playing, he can't bother you with complicated questions about life and the universe, leaving you free to completely ignore him. After all, it's the School's job to raise him, right?"

    I think that's a more honest version of what they meant.

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