What Are You Playing This Weekend

While I was on holiday in Scotland, my flat was slowly becoming entrenched in massive pools of hot water leaking from the apartment above. Which is to say my living room was flooded. And because the water was warm, the mould sprang up almost immediately. This meant that I had to bail from my apartment, which means it's very hard to play any of my games. SAD FACE.

The game I've really been wanting to play is Pikmin 3, but that's out for now, so I've been finishing off a game that's been burning up my pile of shame for a while now: The Walking Dead.

I was loving it up until the point where it started messing with my choices between episodes. In fact, that was a powerful enough screw up to make me feel as though I didn't want to continue playing. But I'm going to sack up and power on. If it happens again, so help me... I'll probably still keep playing but feel a bit angry.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?



    No idea what board games but there will be board games and they'll be selected off of shiny new shelves instead of stacks on the ground.

      Me too. Dusted of 221B Baker Street and the original Dungeon. Old skool.

      Same. Descent 2.0 and maybe some Thunderstone Advance

      Letters from Whitechapel didn't arrive before last weekend, but I have it now and depending on what gets played tonight, I'll let you know how it goes.

    I hope you've got somewhere comfortable to stay if your apartment is messed up. :(

    GTAIV: The Lost and Damned. Maybe The Ballad of Gay Tony if I get through TLAD, or I might take a GTAIV break and try and get back into Dead Space 3.

    Edit: forgot to mention Papers, Please which I preordered about an hour before it officially released then had to go to bed.

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    Going to finish Bioshock Infinite :]
    My most anticipated release this year and I still havent completed it, blasphemy.

      Nah.... I've restarted 3 or times.... I think I'm back at the first gun battle again...

        Oh really how come so many restarts.? I leant my copy to a friend and only just got it back, I nearly restarted but remembered I was more than halfway through it already :]

          Each time I say "I will sit down and play go through woah" then I get bored of the wishy washy shooting mechanics and repetitive enemies.

    Dynasty Warriors Musou 3. Gotta get that LOOT

    Can you please clarify what you mean by you're choices being messed with between episodes?

    Mark Serrels returns from Scotland only to find that the end of the world ala The Last of Us has started in his living room.
    On The Walking Dead topic, I just finished it myself but didn't notice it screwing with my choices between episodes. In what way was it messing up? Also, either way it is worth finishing even if the last episode is a little out of left field compared to the others.

    Gonna play Pikmin 3 too. Read some articles during the week on how to rush things, and suddenly I feel like I'll be able to play it with some semblance of control.

    Probably creep a little further into Dark Souls too.

    IM currently playing pikmin 3 but heard it HAS to be completed in 30 days.. MAJOR WTF?

      Not true. The only limit is the ammount of juice you have and there's much more than 30 available.

      Yep I'm up to Day 52 myself and have tons of spare juice still

    Pay Day 2 PC beta and Resident Evil Revelations. $25 on Steam, I couldn't resist.

    Spec ops the line.
    Just started and im gripped. Haven't been this drawn into a game in a long long time. Surprised it hasn't gotten the hype it deserves.

      A great game!! One of my favourite games EVER! One of the very few games that blew me away, after I finished it I just sat there for about 5mins just thinking about it...epic!

      I did the same thing as you, I just picked out of my pile of shame and kept playing pretty much until I finished and the ending is awesome. Great game, it was actually one of my memorable games that I've played in recent times.

      The concept of that game is amazing. A shooter that makes you think about every move you make. Couldn't put that game down - finished it in two nights.

      I cannot understand the love for this game. I got it off PS+ a week or so back - I was stoked to see it show up there because I'd been meaning to try it out for a while since so many people raved about it. So I spent a couple of nights playing it and it was just.... meh. Just one of the blandest, most generic 3rd person cover shooters you could hope (or not) to play. Awkward controls (same button to run and enter/exit cover?), woeful AI, guns that just aren't very satisfying to shoot... I mean, it's not a terrible game, but nor could I find any reason to play it instead of any number of other, better games.

      So... what am I missing? What am I doing wrong? Why do all these other people love it and I just got left absolutely cold by it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!

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        i agree the controls are clunky and the gameplay isnt exactly stellar but the story was refreshing. I actually felt bad about killing the people i was instead of mindlessly pressing the trigger. I dont really know what it is but for the past 6-12 months i havent been drawn into any games like the good old days. I havent felt that need to connect to a character in a long time and spec ops is giving me that nostalgia i feel like i need to get back into the pilots seat.

        One of the most heart wrenching moments ive had in a game was Deus Ex, where you are in the apartment and the men in black rock up and Paul urges you to run out the window up the fire escape. I tried to stay but was butchered by the AI as i wasn't designed for a front on assault. I ran to the roof and had to jump off the building into a dumpster, barely surviving thanks to implants. I had to limp away and hide all while knowing my brother was dead. It wasnt until later i fount out i could have saved him had i tried and it made the decisions i had made far more valuable. It fueled my anger and made me connected to the player.

        Nowadays games are becoming more and more detached from the player and its refreshing to see spec ops take a step back and focus on something more important. im going on a bit of a rant here but we all remember those moments like the Modern Warfare nuke scene, when the cyborg ninja in MGS is getting crushed, returning to earth in Homeworld to see all of humanity get obliterated over something so trivial (the music, oh god that music), leaving kerrigan behind in the original SC1 and hell even the companion cube in Portal. These moments are what makes a game memorable and im finding it harder and harder to enjoy new content nowadays. :(

        I played it on PC and didn't have any dramas with the controls - I liked the added sand element, but it wasn't utilised nearly as much as it should have been - but it's the story, and the ending/s. I actually really liked all the banter between the 3 main guys - especially when you made a decision, and their thoughts on whether it was right or wrong - really played on your mind a little. The story itself isn't 'original' by any means, but you don't expect it in this type of game, and I think that's why people like it, well that's why I liked it.

      I'm hoping to start that too. I've got so many games off PS+ I don't know where to go next. I'm nearly finished Infamous 2 and playing a bit of NFS Most Wanted in between. I'm tossing up between Sleeping Dogs, Mass Effect 3 and Spec Ops...I think Spec Ops will win.

        I loved Sleeping Dogs, but it gave me horrible motion sickness so I had to give up on it even though I was having a lot of fun with it. Certainly enjoyed it more than Spec Ops, but maybe that's just me.

    Spelunky for PC!
    Can't wait to get home from work and check it out! The daily challenge feature sounds like it'll be a awesome addition and a lot of fun (or frustration :-) )!

    Will continue playing SC2 this weekend, also finished watching both seasons of Skyrim Cops so I might have the Skyrim bug again but I'm sure I'll talk myself out of playing it.

    Currently working my way through GTA Chinatown Wars. Amazing game, perfectly tailored to the platform. Have Max Payne 3, Tomb Raider, and Professor Layton's Curious Village on hiatus.

    Might pick them up again, or move on to Ace Attorney #2 next.

    I'm continuing a low level run of BBI in Dragon's Dogma and playing through Shining Force: Sword of Hajya. I might also try out some Dynasty Warriors 8 and I feel like I want to jump into a game of Little Big Adventure too...

    New Vegas, maybe continue with Skyrim and some Medieval 2 Total War in anticipation of Rome 2 next month

    Pikmin 3 is on the cards. I switched to the Wiimote last night and it's sooooooo much better to play with.

    I might start a new save of Baldurs Gate too if I get the time, but I also found the original TIE Fighter emulated nicely so it may feature as well.

    Will try and knock off my first playthrough of Torchlight II this weekend - well into Act 3, so shouldn't be too much longer. Also finishing my White 2 playthrough - at the elite 4 now, so again, not much to go. Apart from those, will likely hit up BF3 on PC and Dragon's Crown on Vita.

    some injustice tonight, then maybe some Star trek catan :D if i can get people keen.
    And more marvel heroes, the human torch is incredibly OP atm and fun, the latest pactch has added in some very cool ideas, horde modes, more promising way to get new characters without buying them, more missions.

    Honestly don't know.. I'm in one of those motivational slumps for gaming at the moment.. I have plenty of great games to play but not enough time/energy to get into them.. I might load up Shadowrun Returns for a little bit... but just can't be sure at this stage.

    Finished RDR and Undead Nightmare, so now I'm about 10 hours into FF XIII. Enjoying it so far, and the graphics are ace!

    Vita-wise, I'm still slowly chugging through MGS3 HD. It's OK but not really digging it. I really just want to finish it for the story, so I've got it on super easy difficutly. Interspersing that with bouts of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f (can't get that music out of my head!)

    Just finished The Walking Dead last night. Such an emotional game, but damn it was awesome!

    Saints Row 3. Yes - my backlog is about 2 years deep.

    I'm really enjoying it. I heard it lacked content compared to Saints Row 3, but I've been really happy with the range of things to do.

    i will pley a geym or too

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