What Are You Playing This Weekend?

On the train this morning I was informed that my son was dead. I was then imprisoned and my entire family was sent back to their village where they would surely starve to death. This was upsetting, so I'm not sure if I want to play Papers Please a second time!

But I probably will.

I am in a strange situation at the moment. My apartment was flooded and my living room is completely off limits, which means it's difficult to play the console games I've been wanting to play. I still haven't finished The Last Of Us and I still haven't started Pikmin 3. This is depressing.

But on the flip side, it's given me the chance to catch up on my Steam backlog on my laptop. It's been great. I've been playing The Walking Dead and now I'm playing Papers Please. I'm also planning to play Gone Home this weekend, so really not having access to my consoles has resulted in me playing a lot more Indie PC games, which can't be a bad thing.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Achievement hunting in Bioshock: Infinite DLC (damn those blue ribbons!) and Tomb Raider multiplayer. Also bought Space Hulk so will be hitting it up first tonight.

    Duck Tales Woo-oo

    Plus the Origin Humble Bundle so I will finally bother to play Dead Space 3 plus the other games as I slowly download them (damn download quotas)

      Hope your Origin bundle actually downloads. I've had to stop trying because the download just loops from 60% back to about 5%, and I'm now about to hit my download cap...

      Deadspace 3 is great, got it for free for buying SimCity when it keeps failing. Deadspace 3 is great, looks awesome on PC, I thought it would bland, the 2nd one didn't really catch me like the 1st did. I think this because I am playing DS3 Co-Op. So much better playing with someone. Try and play this Co-Op, makes it a fresh experience.

      I have litteraly had the duck tales theme running in my head for days... and you know what... i dont mind at all :D

      PAYDAY 2 marathon tonight, finally starting to get some real cash.

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        I've been singing it for the last 2 days.

          I've ring-toned it now :D

            I completed the game last night and as the full theme tune played over the credits I cranked up the sound and did a ridiculous dance

    Dragon's Crown for me this weekend.

      Pre-ordered it from EB Games but they didn't know if they were getting the art book pre-order bonus... :-(

    Hands down Game Dev Tycoon!!!! And some LoL ranked here and there.

    Spec Ops The Line. Just about to finish it on "suicide mission" difficulty. Then I'll start over on FUBAR difficulty. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this game, but I've really enjoyed it.

    Will definitely play some more Papers, Please.. and yes.. I too got the Origin Bundle.. so will likely play through DeadSpace and DeadSpace 3 as well as grab The Sims 3 starter... I did previously start playing DeadSpace on another computer but I got frustrated with it.. a few months back I almost grabbed it again for my own computer but ended up not.. well now I do have it.. so I might revisit it with my eyes wide open to my frustrations of the game.. hopefully it will allow me to enjoy the story more.

    There's also a chance I will get access to the "7 Days To Die" alpha this weekend... the Kickstarter for this just finished (over $500k pledged, so all the stretch goals were reached).. and from what I can, as soon as the Kickstarter surveys are sent out, the alpha will be available to those who backed..

    New Leaf, I suppose (thanks Obama @greenius).

    And Ace Attorney: Justice For All!

    Finishing off Bionic Commando (2009 Version), some BLOPS 2 and I finally get to play Skyrim.

    Dynasty Warriors 8!

    Possibly Sleeping Dogs during my DW8 breaks :P

    Just bought Bioshock Infinite last night (about $36 on PSN), so I'll probably give that a go. Maybe a bit of Skyrim, too.

      Is that on Australian PSN? If so, must check it out!

        Yeah, part of that sale they've had going on this month... a new game discounted each week. I got Tomb Raider a few weeks back for < $30, too.

        That is PS+ pricing, BTW. I think the price for non PS+ subscribers is $39.99, but $36.something for PS+ subscribers.

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    Mainly Tales of Xillia with some Time & Eternity and Dynasty Warriors 8 thrown in.

    Probably some Papers Please and Pay Day 2. However staying in rowville this weekend so switch Pay Day 2 with Deus Ex Human Revolution and Unit 13 on the Vita

    Picked up all the EA goodness out of the humblebundle this week. Going to give crysis 2 and dead space 3 a whirl. maybe try my hand at BF3 on PC too

    My only friend with an XBox 360 just got gold and really wants to join up for some Battlefield 3, so no doubt I'll be buying myself a copy so we can play after I get home from work tonight.

    Also be continuing with Skyrim and If I have any time left I might play some Grid 2 as well.

    Europa Universalis IV!

    And also NFS Most Wanted

    The witcher enhanced edition and some LoL ranked games. Need to get my noob arse out of bronze to equal my season 2 rank, going to be hard though because I suck.

    FFXIV's final beta phase is this weekend. I also am probably 1/3 of the way through Xillia and have Dragon's Crown sitting there waiting.

      FF14 is kickass fun, but I'm going to skip the beta and probably the launch, and end up playing a much better, more polished game with more stable servers, populations, and economy when they patch in the rest of the classes in a few months.

        I played FFXIV 1.0 at launch.

        This *is* a much better, more polished game with more stable serves, populations and economy.

        Also all the classes are in for launch. I wouldn't expect more in a patch - more like an Expansion.

          Oh? I thought they were still missing a couple classes. Mostly hanging out for Lancer.

          But at any rate, launch day/week/month for every MMO ever is usually a clusterfuck of login queues, server crashes, rapid unnanounced hotfixes/maintenance, bugs, a surging horde of new players devouring all breathing space in the starter zones, an horrifically unbalanced and unstable economy of overpriced crap, and so much more.

          I can't see ANY advantages on being in an MMO launch except for the whole, "First!" mentality or some morbid fascination with the spectacle of it all. Neither of which I have. :)

            Lancer's been in since Alpha.

            The arcanist class and summoner / scholar jobs as well as fisher class weren't in for b3 but are in for b4 & release (b4 is basically a final stress test before the actual launch).

            Also I suspect that the launch will be fairly smooth, they've done a lot of testing. The structure of the game with all the classes and everything will likely mean that the early areas will be fairly populated for a long time too.

          So how's Xillia? Is it better than Graces F? or Vesperia?

            Depends what you want in your Tales games. Vesperia IMO has better characters and a more engaging plot early on as well as a vastly better dub (Xillia's got some recording quality issues combined with some bad actor choices) but Xillia's combat is better. Xillia's way better in the character & plot than Graces, but Graces combat is better.

            It's also missing a lot of the usual Tales staples. Not many unlockable costumes, non-existent cooking system (food is just a buff item you buy from a store that lasts a few battles) and a weird gear advancement system where you basically give stores trash items to level them up and unlock new gear and discounts on older ones. Feels a bit FFXIII-ish in that respect. You almost never find gear upgrades while exploring and when you arrive at a new town the stores will have the same stuff as the previous one until you upgrade them. Like Graces, there's no overworld, just a fast travel system that lets you go to any location you've been before, and that's unlocked really early. Big open zones full of monsters between each town. The 'dungeons' so far have had zero puzzle elements beside one block pushing thing, basically just climbing up and down stuff and going along side routes to get uninteresting loot.

            It's not a bad game by any stretch. Slow start but once it got going it's very much on the same tier as the other good Tales games. It's just evident that the game was a bit rushed in development and they've clearly had to cut or streamline some stuff to make deadline. They had a hard release date for it because it was Tales 15th anniversary in Japan the year it released, plus it was in development during the time when Namco closed down the Tales studio and folded development back into itself so I think there was some staff upheaval as well.

              Hey man, thanks for your input.

              I've played several of the Tales including Destiny and Abyss so I'm pretty familiar with Tales Framework.

              It sounds like Xillia is a combination of the previous systems though I'll probably agree you regarding its combat.

              I'm debating whether to get it now or later since I'm still trying to get over my huge backlog.

              Thanks for your help!

    Currently working my way through Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina DLC and loving it


    I just received my (stupidly expensive) copy of Xenoblade Chronicles in the mail this morning. What to do this weekend?

    Hitman Absolution
    Saints Row the Third
    Shadows of the Damned
    Red Dead (close to finishing)

      I recently finished Red Dead and really liked it. Not so fussed about the Undead Nightmare DLC, although it had its moments. My only regret about Red Dead was that I amassed a ton of cash (mostly from animal skins) that I never needed. You generally don't need to buy ammo, health items etc, and once you've collected all the weapons etc there is nothing much to spend it on.

    * Payday 2 (I just want to rob a bank without murdering three states worth of police payroll! Is that too much to ask?)
    * Firefall+Warframe (always. Every day)
    * Papers Please (with cheat sheets nearby!)
    * Shadowrun (final mission - shit getting intense)
    * Bioshock Infinite (no idea how close I am to finishing it, but I suspect pretty close).

    Trying to finish off Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, I'm nearing the end I think. It's my first ever Zelda game, and loving it.

    Need to maybe get stuck into my backlog on Xbox, still have Tomb Raider, Halo: Reach, and Batman: Arkham City amongst others...

    After failing a very low level (around 40-50) attempt against Daimon in Dragon's Dogma, I'm going for it again after a bit more farming and vocation grinding. My build has hamstrung me so I'm hoping gear and tactics will make up for it. Other than that, maybe taking a slice at Dynasty Warriors 8, original Metroid and Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention.

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