What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What is usually a 'dead' period for video games has actually ended up turning up a handful of gems for me. I recently finished Gone Home and Papers Please and enjoyed both for completely different reasons and next week I'll no doubt fire up my PS Vita when Spelunky is released, but now? I'm at a bit of a loss. I don't know what to play?

With my apartment being flooded I've avoided going into my living room, but I may have to venture in there if I want to have new video games to play. Games like Pikmin 3, Brothers and The Last Of Us (which I've yet to finish).

I really, probably should finish The Last Of Us.

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    Goddamn it Mark, finish it already!

      Yes do! It's pobably already been ruinationed, how could poilers be avoided for son long!

      *edit: lol, Apologies. I blame the tiny touch screen I typed on. Translation: "It's pobably already been ruined, how could spoilers be avoided for so long!"

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        and back to English...

        "you must defeat sheng long to stand a chance!"

        Equilibrium Found!

      FINNISH IT Mark! Such a good game. Someone else on here stated this too - one of the best video games of this generation. Neil Druckmann is such a creative/talented big dawg.

    My PC died, so I'll be diving back into the PS3 games.

    May even boot up New Vegas again.

    Hopefully the German intern from work.

    More likely though, The Last of Us.

    Wonderful 101!

    I have to tough out the final part of xcom enemy unknown.

    I dunno, probably games.

    Maybe Pikmin 3. It is pretty cool. I have indeed been enjoying it much more playing with the wiimote.

    Dead Rising 2, Sonic Adventure, BlOps 2 and may try out the new Rumble Pit variants in Halo 4. Bit busy tonight and tomorrow, but Sunday is devoted purely to gaming. Very excited .

    I need to finish Pikmin3 and Space Hulk, but I made the mistake of cranking up Diablo3 yesterday to check out the changes since I played last. I suspect I'll be playing D3. /cry

    I'll be attempting hard mode BBI in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen at level 78. Also I'll be playing Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention and Metroid (NES).

    Hopefully I have time to play some more Papers, please. I find this game oddly intriguing. It reminds me of a little management game I played in my youth called DrugLord...

    Also I wish The Walking Dead would come out for Vita already. Although I should probably finish off Gravity Rush.

    The Beaureu or Splinter Cell Blacklist if they arrive today, otherwise I'll probably jump on The Old Republic again, though I should really get around to finishing Crysis 2 and starting Crysis 3...

    I really, probably should finish The Last Of Us.

    I'm also still working through it, mind you I did start it a reasonable time after release (my save file says I'm 69% through). I still don't think I'll get around to finishing it this weekend but should hopefully knock over a decent chunk. The thing about the game is that it's quite deliberately paced in many areas to be quite slow, so it takes a long time to get through.

    And I've mostly managed to avoid spoilers on it which I think is an achievement.

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    Will continue to play Stealth Bastard/Inc... this game has been taking over my life to and from work. Looking to push towards the end of the main game, just started the 7th World this morning and I do love how each world is built around a particular puzzle element.

    Might attempt to get a few rounds of Everybody's Golf in also.

    Perhaps also... try and start The Last Of Us!

    Just started playing Mafia II. So will continue that over the weekend. I'll probably keep trying to get those platinum medals on Pikmin 3 mission mode too

    Just need to finish off Alan Wake before GTA V lands. It's hard because it's getting boring...walk here...ambush....walk there...ambush. I only want to find out what happens!

      And then you'll have to play the DLC and American Nightmare to get the actual ending, and they are sooooooo boring and repetitive (I literally finished American Nightmare last night).

        Is American Nigtmare worth playing for more story? I loved the shit out of the original game, but the ending was...not particularly satisfying, so I played the 2 DLC episodes. But they didn't leave me heaps keen for American Nightmare.

          American Nightmare is more of a completion of the story, but I wouldn't call it a strong conclusion. It's kind of meaningless really. The shooting mechanics are much better than the base game, but it is extremely repetitive. I really can't recommend (as someone who saw the first game as awesome if a bit repetitive by the end).

            Just finished American Nightmare recently after finishing the original. I thought the original was solid, a bit dated, but solid. American nightmare is SO REPETITIVE. It is painful and lazy. IT does tie up the story pretty well though. The gameplay is super boring however.

              OK - deleted this post because the spoiler tag isn't working. Suffice to say the game is shamelessly and wilfully repetitive.

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        Damn. I'm pretty close to uninstalling and just reading a spoiler! Your comment may tip me over the edge.

    Decided to restart X-COM last night. I had a bug that built the wrong room in my base about eight hours into the game, and lost a bunch of council members at the end of the month because I couldn't launch satellites I was counting on (it didn't help that I didn't realise how important they were). Anyway, hoping third times the charm.

    Hangar module for Star Citizen is released on the 24th so might be playing* that.

    *by playing I mean looking at my pretty ship.

    Divekick and Thomas was alone (which is $5) on Vita I think. Also Papers Please

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Feed the Beast... which crashed my PC yesterday (full on bluescreen... why did MS decide to put a smiley on the bluescreen?), corrupting my configs and my save files. A month of progress, gone. :( Oh well, time to start over.
    Started SC:B this morning, got my arse kicked by the tutorial... The intro made it look like a third-person action game, so I treated it as such... and got murdered. Need to keep reminding myself: "this is a stealth game... this is a stealth game... this is a stealth game..."

    Payday 2 for me. A patch just dropped that fixes a lot of the minor issues in the game.

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