What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend I'll be doing the family thing, heading down to Canberra, meeting my latest nephew (I have three of them now) and video games will most likely be off the agenda. Unless I play it smart. What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?

So my plan. My plan is simple. It involves a PS Vita and a little game called Spelunky.

Okay basically the plan is to play Spelunky. Look, I never claimed it was a master plan alright!

The PlayStation Vita and the 3DS have been my saviour recently. Especially all the indie games being ported to the Vita. Absolutely loving it.

What are you all playing?


    Still waiting for the Vita price drop to arrive... downloaded all (well, some) of my Vita games to my PS3 last night in preparation for console purchase next week :D

    So this weekend will be Skyrim. Again. 40 hours in now... maybe I'll start thinking about looking at the main quest. Nah.

      the world is having to wait in my save. Now if only Lydia would stop running in front of me when I'm shooting an arrow and she's barely alive, that would be great

    More Saints Row IV.
    It's a lot of fun.

    Leveling up my stranges in my tf2 server or getting out of the house.

    A lot of Wonderful 101, probably some if the new Xcom. Probably also jump on some Borderlands 2, see if I can level my Kreig character a bit more (currently at level 53).


    Also, there should really be a "what did you play this weekend" on Mondays. Just so people could admit to lying.

    Having a games night with a few friends. So bringing out all the local multiplayer games. Smash bros, fifa, mortal kombat, mario bros, nintendoland, mario tennis etc. Many drinks and many games. The perfect night :)

    Disney Infinity here. Bought it last weekend and it's actually been quite crap so far. The starter pack is good value, but after that it just doesn't stop. Figurines are $15 a pop, and if you want anything beyond the 3 starter worlds you're expected to pay $40 + for new content. For anyone interested - my advice would be to stick with Skylanders/just stay away from the whole NFC figurine tech in general.

    Edit: oh adding to this is the lack of figurine functionality. Outside of toy box mode, only characters from respective franchises can enter into their respective universes. So no Woody in Monsters Inc for example. I can understand Disney wanted to stay true to each world, but seriously - LAME!!! Really kills the unlimited possibilities vibe, and makes it come across as a cash grab.

    Overall, it's a bit of a crap experience... UNLESS you have a partner, young one, or friend who doesn't regularly play games. If so, get two figurines (from the same Disney universe if playing main mode) and jump into the fun. It is a decent experience for beginners.

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      Dick smith has the Cars and Lone Ranger playsets for $35 each.


      I've got the starter pack, Cars playset and Francesco Bernoulli, Mater, Dash and Violet. Will be picking up the Sidekicks and Villains packs today.

      So far I've mainly only played through The Incredibles set. I am enjoying it, but I do enjoy Skylanders more, although to be honest I haven't delved into the toy box yet.

      Edit: oh adding to this is the lack of figurine functionality. Outside of toy box mode, only characters from respective franchises can enter into their respective universes. So no Woody in Monsters Inc for example.

      That's one thing I don't like about this game. They should have let you be able to play as any character in any world. You never know, they may change that with an update in the future.

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        Yep, Disney have stated that they didn't want to ruin the experience by mixing characters and universes up.... absolute BS. If you ask me, this is just a cheap ploy forcing people to buy more figurines if they want to play with another person in one of the main adventures.

        I picked up my starter pack from Target for $80. I think it might have been the best deal around. It included the game, 3 Disney Characters, the DI platform, and 1 disc. On the side, Target threw in 1 free character figurine (Mike from Monsters Inc originally) and an expandable Disney Infinity toy basket . Good value as I previously mentioned!

        By the time I actually got there though, they had sold out of Mike from Monsters Inc and were just letting people pick up any figurine on the side that they wanted. My other half was really happy about this and went with Mrs Incredible. So yeah, we've been playing the Incredible's campaign together as Mr and Mrs Incredible!

          Yeah, I saw that deal in the Target catalogue, but I'd already ordered mine from mightyape.

          That's awesome. My wife's not into video games, but I'll probably pick up a second controller today anyway, so my son and I can play.

    Family thing also, but in Kiwiland. I will be playing lots of Candy Crush, Fun Run and True Skate on the plane though.

    Slowly progressing with Alan Wake, but it's a tough slog. Not because it's that hard, but because I'm really bored of the "Taken ambush - shine light - shoot them" repetitiveness of it. Only want to finish it for the story. I'll probably also continue with Cube World.

    Basically I'm just letting the clock wind down until GTA V hits.

    finished the tail ends of DW Orochi 3 and Bioshock Infinite last weekend. This weekend will be Mark of the Ninja and FarCry Blood Dragon.

    XCOM : Enemy unknown.
    had a pretty good run the last few nights & I wanna press my luck.

    Maybe some Blacklist as well...

      The one thing that bugs me most about X-com is that the "good run" just builds up more and more tension around the disaster run that's inevitably coming. I've got one game that I can't bring myself to restart because I've absolutely blitzed through about 2/3 of the game and I know that as soon as I jump into a new mission I'm going to get a fusion grenade thrown at me from a bad guy that's just revealed himself and it'll completely wipe my entire squad of psychic colonels, causing all of Asia to defect.

    Not sure if I have been neglecting War Thunder the last few days because I haven't felt like gaming or if I'm just bored with it now that I've put about 10 hours into it. Is World of Planes any better? I either want to try that or move onto World of Tanks, which I want to familirise myself with because I imagine I'll be playing it on the XBone a bit.

    I also need to go back and at least finish Lost & Damned before I start anything new. I want to either play Tomb Raider or Dead Rising 2 next. I also keep telling myself I'll do another playthrough of X-Com before the DLC comes out but I tell myself a lot of things.

    My wife has been burning through Crysis 3 this week, I think I might skip it. I assume she'll be starting on Tomb Raider next. She started a new game of Lost & Damned herself but she's taken a break from it. I'm worried I scared her off by telling her she's now up to the mission I was stuck on for a couple of days that made me rage.

    I'll also be playing spelunky and stealth inc(love ps+). I'm also waiting for a price drop on the vita.

      Is Stealth Inc on PS+ already? I thought it was next week?

      *runs to check PS Store*

        Yes it is, I downloaded it a few hours ago. The Jak And Daxter Trilogy is on PS+ as well.

        So I'll probably be playing Disney Infinity, Stealth Inc. and Jak And Daxter. Might pick up Rayman Legends as well.

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    Pretty fun weekend for me, Saints Row IV, not too bad, pretty much exactly what I expected, super powers are pretty cool , Dragon's Crown, up to the seventh or so story mission as the Sorceress and Killer is Dead. Shame my weekend doesn't start until Monday though.

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    Especially all the indie games being ported to the Vita. Absolutely loving it.No, no, no. You have it all wrong. The Vita has *no* games! ^_-

    I'll be playing Rayman: Legends and some HyperDimension Neptunia: Victory as well as Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention and possibly some Shantae.

    The Wonderful 101. I've been waiting all week to play it. Probably some Spelunky as well.

    I will be playing some EU4 as its been the last few weeks. But I will also put time into Boson X: http://www.boson-x.com/ and Sokobond http://www.sokobond.com/ which are local made games by awesome developers and everyone here should check them out.

    Battlefield 3. aiming for 100ss with my beloved aek971. should be getting some more hatemail this weekend :-)

    Awaiting GTAV. not long now.

      Ditto. One more night (tonight) with BF3, and then its time to uninstall.
      That'll give me two weeks to get through Last of Us, and leave me ready for GTA V.

    I'll be playing the "suffer through open-house while impatiently waiting for someone to buy the damn place" game. The rest of the weekend might be spent playing Civ or FTB... maybe trying out the Europa Universalis demo...

    Playing a fair bit of Saints Row 4 - hoping to complete the campaign, at any rate. Unfortunately the pre-order DLC won't unlock until it launches domestically. :-(

    Picked up Kerbal Space Program yesterday.. so I will be playing this, no doubt.

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