Contra, The Movie? Sadly No, But We Do Have These Action Figures

"What if the classic arcade game Contra had been made into a live action movie back in the 1980s?" asked action-figure maker Mint Condition Customs. Interesting question, since Konami practically built the game with spare parts from 1980s' action flicks. These custom figs are still outstanding.

[via MTV Multiplayer]


    DO WANT!!!!!! Oh man they're spectacular! Can they made the guys from Forgotten Worlds now??? Dem shades!

    That's cool and all, but give me some Probotector ones please.

      That would be exceptional to get some Probotector ones wouldn't it!

      .... /tears of joy

      Someone else that remembers probotector.... NO one i know remembers that game, the original GB version took me 5 years to finally complete when i was like 9... man that game was the cause of so much rage and happiness...

        Haha, I was head over heels in love with Probotector as a kid. My friend down the road had it on his NES and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, always wanted to play it whenever I went over. Never knew there was a GB one though. Wish I had either of them for myself.

        Though once I unlocked the Probotector dude in Contra 4, I never used anyone else :P

    Swap heads and it's Arnie & Sly.

      Was just about to say this... I wonder if Arnie and Sly gave (or had to give) permission for their likenesses to be used here?

        GIven that they're custom figures, I would have thought that the heads were just popped off existing Arnie and Sly action figures.

          Oh right, that make sense (I did not read the details properly, I apologise!)

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