What Metroid: The Animated Series Would Look Like

Would you watch an animated series based on Metroid? I sure would.

We’ve featured the work of the super talented artist Dave Rapoza in the past, and now he’s taking a shot at animation. This re-imagining of Super Metroid may not be long, but it’s pretty darn cool. When’s the next Metroid game coming out, again?


  • Looks pretty sweet…the animation style kinda reminds me of Symbiotic Titan. Would definitely watch. Would be even more funny if it had the occasional reference to other Nintendo TV shows. “Well….excuuuuuuuuussse me princess!”

      • Ok. You fell for an awful troll…If I was trolling though, people wouldn’t pick up on it 🙂

        I REALLY do mean it though. Would be funny…

        • Metroid as a comedy? Why?

          Metroid as a comedy that uses “random” stuff and references instead of actual comedy sounds like the worst idea ever. Of all time.

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