When The AI Flips Out Like This In A Game, It's Hilarious

It's almost like the AI in this clip of ArmA III by APPAMANIAC has a hive mind — and the hive mind decided that instead of getting to safety or something, they should all just... pile up around the dead body. Like they're trying to protect it or something! It's silly, but amusing.

Best AI Ever! (Arma 3) [APPAMANIAC via r/gamephysics]


    His name, was Robert Paulson...

    I would have landed that helicopter in the background on the huddled mass.. Take that for all wearing the same clothes!

    its the AI glitches that make arma games

    Playing ARMA 2 I once watched my special forces squad spend 5 minutes getting in and out of our jeep trying to figure out who was going to get to sit in the front

      "Hey I called shotgun!"
      "Well I didn't hear you"
      "I called it back in the barracks"
      "Doesn't count"
      "Yes it does"
      "Nope, you have to be looking at the car when you say it"
      "No you don't"
      "Yes you do"

      etc etc...

      lol I once watched around 12 guys get into the front passengers seat. It was.........interesting.... it was like seeing a giant octopus next to me.

    Of course they gun it over, some asshole just shot Rodney in the face! Unprovoked! Have a heart Patricia...

    Im so pissed at these devs! seriously. to play the Beta I had to pay for IT!!! who the fuck makes ppl pay to play a BETA! its about to go public and its nowhere near ready! because the beta community left them. Ive always BETA'd Desert combat and other FPS's and it was always free! because we would test out the most boring things!

    Never a dull moment in the Arma series.

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