While You Were Sleeping

Mr Serrels is almost back from promoting his new movie, but I've got the Captain's chair for a couple more days. Has it been as good for you as it's been for me? Here's all the news from overnight. What're ya readin'?

Apparently, when you put Watch Dogs on current-gen hardware, it doesn't look so hot. It's not really 100% fair or accurate to do so, as it wasn't designed for it, but y'know. Lols are to be had.

Kirk Hamilton has a video explaining how different classes work in the upcoming Payday 2, which is looking very interesting.

Looks like a modder has managed to play a bit of Dark Souls in first-person view. It doesn't look too great, and I suspect it'd look worse if he rolled at all, but it's kind of interesting to see what Skyrim would look like if it had a combat system. ZING!

Evan Narcisse played a bit of Bioshock Infinite's DLC, and wants to show it to you.

Bashcraft is back with another hard-hitting report on Chinese swimming pools. Data reveals: You don't want to go into one.

In Short

Somehow, This Fantastic The Last Of Us Film Isn't Official Sex App Bang With Friends Sued By Zynga Cool It With The Dumb Video-Game Graffiti Adventure Game Somehow Does The Sensible Thing On Kickstarter Man, The Price Of Being A Superhero Sure Has Gone Up A Lot How The World's Biggest Ever Space Battle Destroyed Over 2500 Ships When Microsoft And Sony Battle, eSports Wins Being An Adult Pokemon Trainer Must Suck

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    I said this on TAY but i'll post it here

    Grand Theft Auto V has been rated R18+

    It says its for high impact drug use (obviously there isn't any incentives involved), the one thing i want to know is if Rockstar submitted a fully uncut version or they are playing it safe and submitting a watered down version.

    Last edited 01/08/13 9:07 am

      From what I've heard it's going to be that the drug use is going to be in cut-scenes rather than being interactive.

        Or if they are interactive then it would lead to negative consequences like alcohol in GTA IV.

    Is this the first official use of 'Bashcraft'? What a wonderful moment. Now I eagerly await photos revealing MS gave up and got 'Xbone' embossed on the console.

    The picture with this article is really creepy if you take the header of 'While You Were Sleeping' as the only context for it.

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