While You Were Sleeping

It's been real, Kotakuers. But the prodigal Scot will return on Monday. Now, now, dry those tears. We can stay in touch. Throw me a follow over at @TheJunglist on Twitter. Plus, we've got a big day of good stuff for you today, and a lot of news happened overnight. Shall we see what that news is?

Quentin Smith has an interesting piece about the board game Ticket to Ride, which has apparently now overtaken Settlers of Catan in sales.

I know it's been on Kotaku a few times before, but Luke Plunkett again shares the artworks of Dave Rapoza, and that's just fine, because they're great and never get old. I have a framed version of his take on Super Meat Boy. It's good to see the guy getting more and more work, as well.

And it's another post about that RTS made by one guy - which in itself is amazing, but just look at the graphics on this thing.

In Short

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    Who the hell is Scott?

      Not Scott, Scot as in Scottish as in Serrels is back from holidays

      Scot = person from scotland = Serrells
      Personally I think he should be known as the Great Scot, as it reminds me of The Doc from BTTF

    Ah dear, Jungs temporary departure now brings a period of darkness over Kotaku. No one to properly filter some of the lower quality articles/posts on this poor website...

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