While You Were Sleeping

Today's While You Were Sleeping comes at you from a speeding train in Sydney's western suburbs at 6.30am. Man I have to get up early these days. Let's get to rounding up some of the news coming in overnight, Yee-haa!

I have no idea why I said 'yee-haa'. Maybe because of the word 'round-up'. Cowboys 'round-up' animals don't they? On the farm and stuff?

I'm going to be completely honest — not much coming in overnight. The big news was a security breach over on Crytek's websites, but it looks as though Crytek acted quickly and efficiently in response. It's a weird situation for these companies — if they respond quickly and transparently they still have to deal with the fallout of people being worried about their credit card details. If they sit still and do nothing at all, we feel safe, but are actually at more risk. Weird.

There's something comforting about retro video game art. It feels like wearing a pair of spiderman pajamas, or just slipping into your own warm comfy bed. This early video game art is particularly cool — or 'charmingly primitive' as this headline describes it.

Want to watch a Japanese nerd stampede? I have expected this video to show hundreds of young Japanese me 'sumimasening' themselves into some sort of apology time rift. Yes — I have just made 'sumimasen' a verb in the English language. I have just jumped a very big shark.

And finally Splinter Cell: Blacklist won't feature offline co-op play on the Wii U. I suspect it'll be something to do with preserving the Gamepad experience and the fact that Nintendo doesn't have a solution for players wanting to use two Gamepads with the same Wii U unit. Shame.

That's all folks!

In Short Watch A Japanese Nerd Stampede Splinter Cell Blacklist Won't Feature Offline Co-op Play On The Wii U This Early Video Game Art Is Charmingly Primitive Crytek Sites Are Down For Security Reasons


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