While You Were Sleeping

Today is Friday. This is a good thing. I am sleepy. I need a lie in.

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping: news, pictures of babies. We got it.

I love my Nexus 7, but it has flaws. The main thing I miss is a rear facing camera. In fact, I think it's an absolute crime it didn't have one in the first place. Point being: whenever the new Nexus 7 is released in Australia, I'll probably upgrade and give my old one to some chump. This review of the device for video games only makes me want the bloody thing more.

Nintendo is suing someone. Man, Nintendo is all about getting in people's business. You know what though? I think the R4 issues is a complicated one. It sucks that piracy is so widespread in the handheld space, but a shame that all the positive homebrew stuff is being lost in the mix.

Breaking Bad is back — here are some completely unlikely (but possible) endings to the show. This is Adventure Time redone with LEGO and if you want more Civ? Click here my good man/woman.

In Short Six Unlikely Yet Possible Breaking Bad Endings The Best Way To Play Android Games Just Got Better Nintendo Sues Modding Business Over Sale Of Game Copying Devices You Need To Watch Adventure Times Intro Redone With LEGOs If You Somehow Want Even More Civilization Than What's On Offer In The Latest Expansion For Civ V


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