While You Were Sleeping

It's Monday morning. How are you all feeling. I'm going to go right ahead and assume you're feeling bad. I'm an optimist like that. Therefore I have collected a short list of cool stories from the weekend to cheer you up a little. Go and get yourself a nice wee bit of breakfast and settle in. Markie make it all better.

EB Games in New Zealand seems to be having a few laughs at our expense with regards to our cut version of Saints Row IV. Making reference to the fact that our version isn't quite the same version they're receiving in New Zealand. Alright guys, you got us — we can take a joke. We can take it.

[Sobs silently into giant pillow]

And speaking of Saints Row: if you're hankering after some wub wub dubstep gun action and you don't have the patience to wait for Saints Row IV, then you might be interested in this: one enterprising modder has placed a version of the dubstep gun in Grand Theft Auto IV.

What else: these are all the things you can point to in Battlefield 4. Yes. Point to.

The Ouya is trying to crowdsource its console exclusives. The Ouya tries to crowdsource everything.

Finally (and this is really cool) this man has just become the very first pro gamer to receive a recognised athlete Visa. I think this is a pretty cool breakthrough.

In Short EB Games In New Zealand Has Fun With Saints Row IV At Australia's Expense First Internationally Recognised Athlete Visa Awarded To Pro Gamer Ouya's Latest Scheme Tries To Crowdsource Its Console Exclusives Wow, Look At All The Things You Can Point To In Battlefield 4 Why Wait For Saints Row Iv Get Your Dubstep Gun In Grand Theft Auto


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