While You Were Sleeping

After a pretty interesting day of news yesterday, it seems as though we're back into the rhythm of our usual August: a couple of big games being released, but mostly just the calm before the storm. Still: inside. A raccoon with a machine gun. Guys. Guys?

This is the raccoon in question. This is the world we live in. A world with raccoons that fire machine guns that we then post on Kotaku because it amuses us. What have we become? Is this what it means to be a human being in this brave new world?

Here's something a bit different, a moment that may make you smile: it's Guillermo Del Toro gazing upon the visage of an enormous Gundam. Beautiful. I actually managed to check out Pacific Rim while I was on holiday. It was okay.

You think Australia is a nanny state? Imagine living in Japan — if they catch you playing mobile games in an arcade they will kick your ass outta there! This seems crazy to me. Arcade games truly survived the home console revolution in Japan, but maybe they're struggling with the whole mobile/tablet thing.

This post asks a simple question: what if Disney characters were Pokemon trainers? Also: these Korean Dota 2 announcers are great. Mind blowingly great.

In Short These Korean Dota 2 Announcers Are Mind Blowingly Great Japanese Arcade Apparently Bans Smartphone Games Here's Guillermo Del Toro Looking At A Giant Gundam This Machine Gunning Raccoon Is My Favourite Movie Ever If Disney Character Were Pokemon Trainers


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