While You Were Sleeping

Morning all — where has the week gone? Thursday already? Welcome to While You Were Sleeping where we take a quick look at the news coming in overnight. Also: pictures of sleeping babies for no real apparent reason.

Grand Theft Auto V: I think we should all get very used to this video game dominating headlines in the lead up to its release. Today is no exception. Here Rockstar skewers the two pillared silliness of America's political system (a familiar topic in the lead up to our own election) and also: this is a pretty cool ad that is completely staring down the streets of Los Angeles.

We all knew this might happen. Microsoft was initially going to launch the Xbox One in 21 countries across the globe. This morning it announced it would be cutting that number down to 16. Incredibly Australia actually made the cut. Truly, pleasantly surprised.

You should watch this great new trailer for The Witcher 3. And finally, this new series is the Daria of anime.

In Short Sorry Russia, Xbox One Will Launch In Only 13 Countries This Year Grand Theft Auto V Mocks Republicans, Skewers Democrats This Stunning Trailer Runs Red With Blood The Largest Grand Theft Auto V Ad Stares Down The Streets Of LA This Series Is The Daria Of Anime


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