While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to a brand new week in which I'm feeling surprisingly (and annoyingly) perky. This is the news you may or may not have missed over the weekend.

Here is the humdinger: the debacle that has been Saints Row 4 in Australia continues unabated. The censored version of the game was supposed to be released this week, but now it's been delayed. We're still waiting to hear the details on why. It's been delayed a week at retail and a whopping month on Steam. A month? Seems strange. We're hoping to get word on this at some point today.

For those of you that are into anime and, in particular, those of you that are into seeking out new stuff to check out — this is a must read post. This is the five anime of Summer 2013 (in Japan, Winter for us!) that you should be watching. I wonder if anything as massive as Attack on Titan is coming out...

We had a review on the weekend — that's a first. It's also a goodie: Tales of Xillia. This is an interesting look at how EA's attitude towards FIFA has changed, and this incredible Mass Effect statue is made entirely of paper.

In Short The Five Anime Of Summer 2013 You Should Be Watching How Times Change: EA Didn't Give A Shit About FIFA 20 Years Ago Tales Of Xillia: The Kotaku Review Saints Row IV Australian Release Date Pushed Back This Amazing Life Sized Mass Effect Party Member Is Made Of Paper


    Someone needs to start talking about the new Yakuza game that just got announced.

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