While You Were Sleeping

Another day another dollar, and another While You Were Sleeping. This is the part of the day where we wrap up the news and say 'good morning everyone'! I am very tired.

Nothing massive coming in overnight, but Uisoft did announce a brand new game that looks pretty schmancy. It's called Child of Light and it's a sidescrolling thing with turn based battles. I'm interested to see more for sure. I like Ubi's commitment to smaller scale games. But yeah, more Trials please!

Cliff Bleszinski enjoys the Twitter thing — that makes sense. He's good at selling whatever video game it is he is working on. It's a true talent. But BLOODY hell Clifford! Just show us this thing you're working on already! JESUS!

It's interesting to watch China's top cosplayer talk about the meaning of cosplay. Very cool. This is a sneak peak at the new Yakuza game and I agree with this statement: no more launch trailers until a game is actually launched!

Have a good day everyone!

In Short China's Top Cosplayer Talks About The Meaning Of Cosplay Cliff Bleszinski Project Sneak Peak Number Three Ubisoft's Child Of Light Is A Sidescroller With Turn-Based Battles I Propose A New Rule: No Releasing Launch Trailers Until The Game Has Actually Launched The New Yakuza Game Takes You Back In Time


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