While You Were Sleeping

Thursday already? Man, slow down time. Give me a break! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. What did you miss overnight while you were catching zeds? Click on and find out!

It's already my firm opinion that the Oculus Rift is my favourite next gen device in the world — easily. In fact, nothing comes close to that: the feeling of the new. The idea that you can feel the future infiltrating your eye-balls. I need more. So it looks like I'm getting more: the Eve Online demo on the Oculus Rift, the one making everyone lose their minds, is going to be a real game. Yes. Yes. Yes.

This Ouya ad was doing the rounds yesterday and, while I can't see the reason for outrage, it sure is tacky and disgusting. I'm not angry about it, I just think it's terrible and juvenile. I don't expect it to help sell many units that's for sure.

Hey everyone — you've been pronouncing Dota wrong. GlaDOS says so.

Finally, this is Japan's latest photo trend and it's as dumb as a bag of hammers. Also: the PS3 fix for Disney Infinity is in.

Have a great day everyone!

In Short Eve Online's Stunning Oculus Rift Demo Becomes A Real Game The Fix For Disney Infinity PlayStation 3 Problem Is In Japan's Stupidest Photo Trend: Climbing Into Things Well, This Ad For Ouya Sure Is Excessive According To GlaDOS We've All Been Pronouncing Dota Wrong


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