While You Were Sleeping

Happy Friday everyone. Hope everyone had a decent week and is primed for the weekend. The news coming in overnight was pretty interesting. Today we have a mix of cool screenshots, weird 'trailers', Microsoft being Microsoft and a goddamn Russian hovercraft landing on a crowded beach.

Let's start with Microsoft: I can't tell if this decision makes sense in the long run or not. I'm actually leaning towards thinking this is a good idea. You will probably disagree. Microsoft says it won't sell Xbox One Without Kinect. I know, it sucks that we all have to pay extra for a device we're not sure it we want, but it will create that parity: all developers know that all users have one. I think that's the positive. Microsoft sees Kinect as the future. It's essentially betting the farm on it.

I've only briefly played The Witcher games, but that doesn't stop me getting excited about The Witcher 3. It just looks so purrty. Once I get my new PC I think I'll mess about with The Witcher 2 in prep for this. Looks spiffing.

This crazy trailer mixes Minecraft with Assassin's Creed IV. It's great.

This is a game that's very much like LA Noire with ghosts and this is flat out strange: apparently a Russian hovercraft totally just turned up at a crowded beach because Russia I guess. It has nothing to do with games, but just watch it.


Have a good day everyone!

In Short Microsoft Says The Won't Sell Xbox One Without Kinect Trolls, Fire And Impaled Corpses Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag And Minecraft = This Awesome Trailer Just A Russian Hovercraft Landing At A Crowded Beach, That's All It's Like L.A. Noire With Ghosts


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