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Morning everyone and a grudging hello to 'Monday'. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, let's catch up on all the news you might have missed over the weekend.

The most interesting news for me was the Grand Theft Auto leaks: apparently a large number of Grand Theft Auto V files leaked over the weekend. The most interesting part for me was finding out the tracklist! We have the full tracklist in this post and I actually love it! Crazy thing is: I posted it on the Kotaku Facebook and folks spent the whole day bitching about it. Different strokes I guess. Hip Hop fans will love it.

This is the worst excuse ever. A PlayStation Exec attempts to explain why Sony continues taking shots at Microsoft over the Xbox One. If I had to summarise the reasoning it would be, 'Microsoft made us do it'. That's the excuse me and my brother would make if we got caught fighting. When we were in primary school!

The Eternal Darkness sequel kickstarted fell way, way short of its goal. More info here. This is a tour of the Xbox One's pretty spiffy new controller and this is probably my favourite thing to come out of Gamescom this year!

Have a great day everyone!

In Short Grand Theft Auto V Files May Have Leaked Online PlayStation Exec Explains Why They Keep Taking Shots At Xbox One Second Kickstarter For Eternal Darkness Sequel Ends Far Short Of Goal Take A Guided Tour Of The Xbox One's Controller Here's A Humourously Long List Of Banned Questions For Hotline Miami 2, Straight From The Developers


    My thoughts on the sony/microsoft thing exactly. It's not exactly new and sony aren't the first to do it, but I'm so over the bickering as a promotional or marketing tool. As if we can consider gaming a serious and mature biz when the companies leading it act like that, it will just keep feeding the flaming

      It's completely unprofessional and frankly, it's off-putting. Why would I want to support a company who wants to concentrate on bagging out another company's console instead of promoting their own console? It's like they've run out of good things to say about their own console.

    Somehow I don't think that 7 radio stations is the "full track list". I'm guessing you mean that you have a list of some of the tracks that leaked.

      Notice they were all music stations, not a single talk back radio station.

      I'm hoping Judge Grady makes a come back with more Just or Unjust, so good.

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