While You Were Sleeping

Tuesday: how are you all feeling? Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. If you want a wrap up of the news and a picture of a baby, you've come to the right place my friend.

Here's my favourite news item of the day so far: your Microsoft points will be exchanged for real money today! That's right, Microsoft space bux are no more. Now I'll know what I'm paying for what. That is quite a relief. I always felt that distance between money and points a little concerning. As did my wallet.

Remember that whole Portal on the DS homebrew thing? It seemed too good to be true, but now you can play it. It actually looks sort of great. 3DS version plz!

And also: there's a new Layton games. It's different. This is Japan's real life Kick-Ass. He seems like a nice guy. Finally, here's an MMO that promises the world, here's hoping it can deliver.

In Short Your Microsoft Points Will Be Exchanged For Real Money Today Japan's Real Life Kick-Ass Is Very Helpful There's A New Layton Game. It's Different. This Is Portal On The DS And Now You Can Play It An MMO That Promises The World. Let's See If It Actually Delivers


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