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GTA Online. GTA Online. GTA Online.

I think one of the commenters said it best:"[i]s Rockstar sure that this is current gen?"

Seriously, it looks pretty insane. My one slight worry would be content bloat, but Rockstar is pushing the proverbial boat out on this one. It's out of control.

From the awesome to the flat out depressing. One woman was harassed on Xbox LIVE. Tragically, that's hardly news these days. Tragically the news here is Microsoft's slow response to the situation, particularly in this case, where the harassment was so well documented and recorded. Read the full story here.

The latest attempt to put Steve Jobs life on celluloid is about to be released. Here's Japan's take on the story: a manga about Steve Jobs! And hey — if you have kids? Prepare to have Disney Infinity completely ruin your life. Don't say you weren't warned.

Finally — this is amazing. This a post that takes you inside North Korea's latest arcade.

In Short Microsoft's Slow Response To Xbox Harassment Leaves One Woman Stunned This Is Grand Theft Auto Online So How's That Japanese Manga On Steve Jobs? Disney Infinity Exclusives Are Here To Ruin Everything Inside North Korea's Newest Video Game Arcade


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