While You Were Sleeping: PlayStation 4 Launch Date!

Well it looks like we finally have actual news now! Woohoo! It's Gamescom in Germany and Sony and Microsoft are beginning to finalise plans for their assault on the upcoming holiday period (and your wallet). Brace yourself!

First off the important one: the PlayStation 4 will be released in Australia on November 29. It's pretty close. We've been waiting a long time for new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, with a release date in place I'm starting to feel oddly excited.

And on Microsoft's end, they've announced the launch games for the console: there are 20 of them. A pretty healthy number. It's starting to get to the business end though, and I'm sure many of us can't afford to pay (read: justify) paying for both. Sure, we may end up with both in the end, but most of us will pick one of the other to begin with. Tough decisions ahead.

It's looking likely that we'll see EA Sports video game version of UFC in May 2014. I'm a huge fan of MMA, so I can't wait for this.

Looks like Killer Instinct is going down the Disney Infinity Route of completely trying to bankrupt you, and hey — Xbox One has an Indie games program. Hurray!

In Short EA Sports UFC In May PS4 Release Date Is November 29 Killer Instinct Characters Are $5 A Pop, But Wait There's More Here Are The Xbox One's Launch Games Xbox One's Indie Games Program Revealed At Last


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