Who Wins When The Avengers And Mortal Kombat Have A Hoops Showdown?

When you have Sub-Zero wearing #23 for the Chicago Bulls, coach only needs to say one thing during a fourth-quarter timeout: Finish Him!

This mod for the PC version of NBA 2K13 — just spotted now, despite apparently being around for about two months — turns ordinary b-ballers into superhuman characters from Marvel Comics and Mortal Kombat.

Sadly, modder MGX's handiwork only provides a visual tweak, meaning that these players aren't freezing up the parquet or firing blasts at each other. But it's still a cool hack for 2K Games' hoops franchise. Seems like the Hulk must foul out of games a whole lot, right?

Thanks Curt!


    These games always look so confusing to play, the mod is amazing !!

      What games? NBA 2K is pretty easy to pick up for someone who knows the game of basketball well or is a big sports games fan

      EDIT: and really fun once you start learning more advanced controls!!

      Last edited 27/08/13 4:14 pm

        Just so many people flying around a small court... maybe I'm just too used to NBA jam :)

    "He's on fire- no, wait. He's frozen solid."

    Is it just me or is it almost scary how good and smooth the animation is in that game??? Absolutely stunning.

    I have never played any modern sports game but the way they present it on TV is one of the main things that turned me off of sports in the first place, this game would be much better without all the cutting to replays and some old guy who thinks hes important blathering on in the background. Looks like the game barley lets you play it.

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