Superpowered Mayhem Looks Pretty Damn Good On PS4

The free-roaming superpowered action-adventure Infamous: Second Son appeared at Gamescom with a trailer featuring Fetch, a fellow conduit, who will presumably serve an important role of some sort in the game. Sidekick? Love interest? Escort mission target?

We'll find out when the game drops in February for the PS4.


    My guess is she'll serve a similar role to Kuo and Nix from the last game.

    So he can absorb other people's powers? Maybe he has to hunt down other 'bad' conduits to stop them and as you do you upgrade you powers by combining them with your own.

    So it may be she isn't a reoccurring character at all, just a stepping stone in the story.

    Stop trying to make Fetch happen.

    Looks good, a game i would get on the PS4 when i get it....

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