Why Wait For Saints Row IV? Get Your Dubstep Gun In Grand Theft Auto

Saints Row has taken a good share of crap for supposedly copying Grand Theft Auto, but at long last, the tables have turned. Saints Row IV isn't even out yet and modders have already put the game's infamous Dubstep Gun into GTA IV.

This script is by JulioNIB, he of the awesome Incredible Hulk mod. (Skip ahead about 45 seconds to see it working). Unlike Saints Row IV, dubstep does not appear to be lethal with this mod — it just makes people dance. But check it out when you start blasting cars! Goddamn, that's funny.

There are three firing modes, standard, a spread-fire, and a grenade mode with splash dubstep damage, so Niko may go about (not) killing them harshly with his song. If you're looking for the real thing, Saints Row IV arrives August 20.

YouTube video uploaded by GTA X Scripting


    Glad they kept the funny direction And got rid of the filler activities from 2... 3 was a much more enjoyable game overall, with a more exciting story.

    Looking forward to Saints Row IV, but the dubstep gun here looks a lot better. Could spend hours shooting vehicles with that thing.

    I want to see a 5 star wanted level escaped with dubstep.

      I reeeally want to see it - it'd be hilarious. Also go to airport, shoot planes, shoot pigeons, shoot a parachuter.

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