Wife 'Steals' Car To Get Husband To Stop Gaming

Forgetting to lock your house door while at home isn't that heinous a mistake, but to forget to lock your car, now that might be a big mistake; particularly if your wife has an agenda.

First reported by Qian Jiang Evening Post, in east China's Jiangsu province, one man busy enjoying his gaming marathon forgot to lock his car. To teach the man a lesson, his wife "stole" the car and took it on a joyride.

The man, surnamed Zhou, ran a logistics business in Hangzhou. After becoming enamoured with web games, particularly one unnamed massively multiplayer role playing game, Zhou spent every day thinking about video games, according to his wife. Supposedly, this is what his schedule looked like:

10 am - Level Up

12 pm - Earn in game coins

3 pm - Level Up

As Zhou's in-game prestige grew, he became more and more invested both physically and emotionally.

So on Monday, Zhou had finished a delivery and noticed that it was time for a little bit of gaming. Since he didn't have enough time to run home first, Zhou stopped at an internet cafe instead. After parking his little delivery van (in China they call these "bread cars," "面包车"), he ran into the cafe and started his game.

After playing for about an hour and half, Zhou stopped because he had another delivery to make. As he walked outside, he noticed something was missing — namely, his car.

Zhou immediately called the police. He explained to them that since he left nothing of value in the car and by itself the car wasn't worth much, he left the car doors unlocked.

The public security officer assigned to the case helped Zhou look for the vehicle — they even checked the local security cameras and talked to the locals around the net cafe. Unfortunately for Zhou, nothing turned up, his car was gone.

Originally, the car was bought for Zhou by his wife, meant as a source of income for the family. Fearing that his wife would kill him after she found out the car was stolen, Zhou decided to head home immediately and come clean on the whole affair.

As Zhou was about tell his wife what happened over the phone, his wife, Xiao Li started yelling, "What were you thinking? Leaving the car unlocked, that's so dangerous!"

It turns out that while Zhou was playing his game in the internet cafe, Xiao Li happened to walk by. Seeing the van was empty and Zhou nowhere nearby, Xiao Li tried to open the door and found it unlocked. Fearing that the car could be stolen, Xiao Li drove the vehicle home to teach her husband a lesson.

Let's hope that Zhou learns to lock his car door from now on.

老公沉迷网游不锁车 老婆“偷”车让其长记性 [ 钱江晚报 via People's Daily]


    I'm impressed, people talk about china like a police state but when the stolen car was reported they actually actively helped him look for it, checked security cameras and generally did their job. in Australia if your car gets stolen from a place with cameras your basically told "good luck" and your on your own.

      Well I'm glad your mis-perception has been corrected :) It's true though that the common perception is of a corrupt government and so on in China and it's true that there is A LOT of corruption there.. but there are also equally a lot of honest, hard-working people too and some of those are government employees. :)

    I agree with the former part, I was pleasantly surprised too. My experience conflicts with the latter though, when my brother's car was stolen, they found it within a couple of hours.

    They were kind of dicks about it though, they all but accused my brother of crashing it and then pretending it was stolen, giving him the third degree because he was young.

    Reminds me of the time I threw a LAN party as a teenager and one of my mates couldn't make it, as his parents were away and his sister refused to drive him.

    What did he do?

    He just grabbed the keys and drove himself, license be damned!

    Nothing gets between a gamer and his games.

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