Win! 5x Prize Packs: World Of Tanks In-Game Gold, Bags And More

Calling all Tankers! World of Tanks has become one of the biggest MMOs in the world. It’s free to play. It’s tactical. You can drive pretty much every significant tank of the mid-20th century. If you haven’t yet signed up for a round, now is the time. Because Kotaku has 5x prize packs up for grabs — worth $87 each — including 5000 of in-game gold credit. Here’s how to win...

How To Enter:

Try the game (on the Asian server for Australian players) and tell us what your favourite tank is and why. Most creative and informed entries as judged by Kotaku’s editors will win. So you’ll need to have played the game.

Don’t forget to include your Wargaming ID — in case you win, and so you can connect with each other in-game via tank platoon and company invites.

Play World of Tanks here.

Five Prize Packs!

• 5000 in-game gold credit in your Asian account (worth $25). Credit strictly Asian server accounts only.

• bag ($40)

• External mobile charger ($22)

Competition closes 10am AEST Monday August 12th.

Terms and conditions.

Get rolling!


    Havent played much, only just starting to get into it, from what ive used so far, the T2-Light is pretty cool, its a quick little beast, and gives you the slight advantage of scouting the edge of the map and going around the other team to capture a point quicker, or even launch selective attacks with a couple of team mates from the back...

    Wargaming ID: Zetrox2k

    T2 Light is my current favorite. Its quick so as long as I keep moving I dont die and I got it for FREE from PAX (which is the whole reason im now addicted to this game)

    Wargaming ID: ravennoir

    Last edited 06/08/13 11:21 am

    Well, I was thinking of playing some World of Tanks since I'll probably get into it on Xbox One, so this is as good a time as any I suppose.

    Well having played world of tanks since Beta I can safely say the most absolutely fun tank that anyone could ever drive is.... The TOG II. Also known as The Midget, HMAS Swift, Tiny Tim and my very own favourite Super Sonic Sandy.
    Now let me be clear. This tank is huge. It is slow. It's armour is surprisingly okay since its as thick as a KV-1's... On all sides, but its not sloped on 3 of four side so it will get penetrated by everything that so much sneezes at it.
    But and this but is bigger than this adorable puppy itself. It has a very rapid firing 17 pounder gun and a health pool that makes some Tier 8 heavies bow in respect. In short?
    This tank can curb stomp anything in its tier.
    KV-1S? Sure mate I'll take your 400 damage shot. Here let me give you a 17 pounder sundae for your troubles while your reloading
    T-150? Yeah cool you can shoot me pretty fast. But are you fast enough?
    T1 Heavy? I'll just angle a liiiittle bit here there! Shoot my side armour all day but its angled as well as or better than a KV-1's!
    Ah you think you're smart VK-3601H? Coming around behind the mighty TOG? Well bad news friend that rear armour is obscenely sloped as standard. Seems fitting the rear of this great whale resembles a beach in gradient, but it is so.
    So there friends the TOG II, at first glance it's just a big target with plenty of hp to get xp from. But be warned, dishonour the way of the TOG and you will soon realise this lumbering chunk of British Steel doesn't hesitate to defend its honour; 17 pounds at a time.

    Wargaming ID: cHr0n0sPh3r3

    (The Type 59 also deserves mention, but in the words of a certain British Youtuber the TOG II is the most fun you can have with pants on)

      That is the most majestic thing I have ever read

    Played this at #PAXAUS and won the custom airbrushed case so it would go nicely with my collection. :) Do you even tank bro?

    Wargaming ID: mavrickmaster

    Long time Kotaku lurker here. Just started playing in a week and a half ago. I might have started straight after PAX but that initial incentive (FREE TANK) was lost in the recycle bin.. I think. At any rate due to a lack of shifts at work and uni break I've been playing this incessantly, and have reached the M4 Sherman. High mobility, alright-ish armour and with its 105mm howitzer is capable of munching through lower tier tanks like a Hungry Hippo. The most compelling use I've found for it, is as a glorified battering ram!

    Like any shooter, decent map knowledge is key but to add an element of further depth each tank has its strengths and weaknesses in firepower and armour. Fortunately for me howitzers deal damage regardless thanks to high explosive awesomeness but the challenge comes in maximising damage per shot. Otherwise my 410 average damage becomes a paltry 100 - not a good situation to be in when you're exposed and that one shot is a life or death screen situation.

    The fun and the challenge lies in maneuvering the M4 into a position capable of dishing out damage and running the occasional light tank over, which is why this tank has become my favourite.

    Wargaming ID: xStonedRavenx

    It has to be the American 71, its like a wasp. Super fast, super agilie, has a 6 round auto-loader, with really good accuracy so you can snipe from far. You cant be that. In fact everyone should go try it right now. You still here??

    Wargming ID: itchy45

    My personal favorite is the T-95, yes I know it's unusual because its the slowest tank in the game...However if played well its a rolling fortress, I mean who wouldn't like to stroll up to there enemy's blow them to smithereens and then walk of at a gingerly pace...

    IGN: Mcmole

    Last edited 06/08/13 1:04 pm

    I have played World of Tanks since I won a closed beta key from Kotaku... three years ago now? I love it.

    My favourite tank would have to be the Tiger P. The Panzer VI Tiger is one of the weakest Tier 7 heavies in the game, which is a shame considering how revolutionary it was in the middle years of the war. Unfortunately though, it's front armour cannot withstand the assault of its tiermates. The Tiger P however has a stack more front armour, able to deflect blasts from even Tier 8 and some Tier 9 tanks. It's the perfect tank to anchor a line or hold a flank and its 88mm deathcannon is incredibly accurate, meaning you can snipe (because you're pretty slow) or, in a brawl, you can target the weak points of your opposition and injure crew members and break modules.

    Wargaming ID: Enduwolf

    P.S. Kotakuites! Add me for metal-rending, trash-talking good times!

      hahah I knew before I even looked that you would have an entry! Everytime I look at steam, you're playing WoT! :)

    The T18 is fun tank. Fast, strong front armor, and the Howitzer can one shot most tanks it goes up against. The downside being the lack of turret, poor traverse speed, low view range, and slow aim and reload time.

    Wargaming ID: Baribal

      My favourite tank is none of them yet, as I'm currently installing the game... and this would make a fantastic way to kick it off ;)

      Wargaming ID: brodiek

    I havn't played a lot of WoT, but I am loving the Cruiser tanks. Currently Tier 4. They are fast which is awesome for me as I love to rush ahead with a few friends and poke as much as I can, but have enough speed to run if needed.

    Wargaming ID: baydogg

    Well I've started playing and I have to say I am loving the Renault FT mostly because it's tiny and looks like a duck.
    Getting owned a lot though, but I can see the potential in the game and will play some more.

    Wargaming ID: Rivfader

    I've been playing Wot for a while now, and my current favourite tank is the 110, the Chinese tier 8 heavy. The 110 is an assault heavy tank a lot like the IS-3, it's made to lead the charge; and with its armoured pike nose it does it very well. I really love its fast firing 100mm gun, it's very effective at taking down enemy tanks in quick succession.

    Wargaming ID: Gottsei.

    We have to be creative AND informed? Jeez! I can't do either! *kicks a rock* Darnit. I just like the zippy fast ones that let me snipe and point things out, and don't use that stupid pom-pom gun which has a ridiculous tendency to let me blow my wad too early. Grumble. I better go back and check this out.

    (Edit: I love that I'm totally going to use this list as a springboard for friend requests, though.)

    Last edited 06/08/13 12:45 pm

    Ah The T29 Heavy. The wondrous turret with tracks. Sure the gun is average and the hull is made of coke cans and it seems no matter where you get hit, your tracks break. Get it in a hulldown position and it is a shell absorber that can turn the tide as T9's bounce you all day.

    Wargaming ID: Wildkarrde

    The Super Pershing would be the favorite tank at the moment.

    Slow to get going, has reasonable amount of Armour and is just plain fun to drive straight into the middle of a battle and watch the shells bounce of the front end.

    Not too many players take note of the Super P's weak spots, and I normally see the heavies lining up behind me to take shots. Since it's a Premium tank, also very good to have for crew training for other tanks, earns good coin and XP.

    Wargaming ID: - lengxv6

    Brilliant Contest!

    My favorite tank without a doubt is Tier 8 USSR Medium T-44.
    The effectiveness of this tank is extremely deceptive.
    Its strengths lie in providing opportunities for the rest of the team. By utilizing the raw speed and maneuverability of this 'lil beauty', you can single-handedly distract an entire enemy flank, allowing your team to capitalize.

    But dont let that fool you!
    If caught out alone the T-44's 48 degree per second turret traverse speed, coupled with its 100mm thumper, allows it to circle and devour any opposition tank with ease. That is, if anyone is foolish enough to take it on alone.

    Overall, a victory in the T-44 is made sweet by its wide contribution, not just a spectacular solo performance that carries the team. I suggest you all buy one today! You will never sell it.

    Its tanks like this that will keep me playing WoT for years to come.

    IGN:- abest0

    I started playing World of Tanks during the open beta but stopped a bit after release. I started playing again during the recent transfers to the Asia server and after joining a clan and getting involved in Clan Wars I enjoy it immensely again.

    My favourite tank is easily my T110E3 American tank destroyer. It may not be the best looking tank, the fastest or the most powerful, but this tank will always have a special place in my heart as it was my first tier 10. It took me a long time to get through the speed demon that is the T95 *cough* (if anyone has driven this tank they will understand) but i finally managed to save up the 6.1 million credits to click that buy button. There isn't much that compares to being able to throw your tank around a corner and laugh as everyone bounces off your 305mm of front armour. On maps like Ensk and Himmelsdorf this is especially great as I can position myself in a city street and it becomes a lot harder for the quick mediums and heavies to get around to my juicy side armour (a mere 76mm) and ruin my day. It's also much faster than the T95 (an amazing 24kph), this combined with its powerful 155mm cannon makes it a pretty good fighter and incredibly fun to play.

    Wargaming ID: Panics

    Last edited 07/08/13 1:01 pm

    My in game name is CakeOfPeace and my favourite tank isn't my most used tank however I still use it at least once a day. I jump in my teir 5 French light tank the ELC AMX, this tank is incredible its incredibly quick and agile, has a small low to the ground profile and has a terrific gun for a light tank. However it is incredibly fragile most of the time if you get hit your dead but this adds to the excitement of the tank.

    What I do each day is load up "don't stop believin by journey" jump into my AMX and run around like a kitten on coffee in the thick of combat weaving between building and enemy tanks marking targets for my team and trying to survive till the song finishes, try It I promise youll have a blast.

    on a side note I just want to add this game is absolutely worth a try it is a fantastic game with some terrific people playing it, I kept putting off trying it because I thought it would be too complicated like some of the flight simulators, but wargaming has done an awesome job creating a very accessible game that will still appeal to history buffs.

    my favourite tank has to be the T1 HT.

    its a tier 5 heavy, and tier 5 heavies are so much fun to play because they can take on any other tank type of the same tier due to their massive HP pool, good gun, and good armor, while being very powerful against the lower tiers.
    T1 HT's gun and armor isn't as good as the other tier 5 heavies, but that is because its not the only thing good about it. even as a heavy that weighs 59 tons, its pretty mobile making it very versatile, and at the same time powerful due to the fact that it can do the most ramming damage of all tier 5s and can shoot very quickly making misses not much of a problem and shooting on-the-move a good option when its needed.

    T1 HT's overall armor is inferior to other tier 5 heavies, but it has a tricky composition, which 5 can be very helpful at tier 5. most tanks you would expect the lower hull and the sides to be weak, T1 HT's lower front hull is actually the tough part while the tracks on the sides have spaced armoring, and is sticking out the front forcing low pen guns to choose between de-tracking it for no damage, or damaging it but end up getting rammed.

    T1 HT's gun, even though inferior to most of the tier 5 heavies, can aim down by 10 degrees and is mounted on a decently armored turret with a small cupola making it bounce a lot of shots while shooting back from a hull-down position.
    its turret cupola is also very tiny and can be very hard to hit not only because of its size, but because the tank itself is very tall.

    with all these characteristics, the T1 HT can do well in both long-range shoot-outs and face-to-face engagements while at the same time able to choose which battle to fight in (remember, it has good mobility) therefore able to do well even against higher tier tanks.

    my Wargaming ID is R4Ging.

    The Mighty Maus strikes,
    Like a lumbering giant,
    Or a dead Gazelle.

    IGN: GeneralDoom

    double post srry, pls delete this one

    Last edited 06/08/13 3:11 pm

    I love playing Russian heavies and the KV-1 has hit a soft spot for me. There's nothing like driving that hulking behemoth with the 57mm gun and shrugging off your enemies shots like they were nothing. With the 57 mm you get the fast firing gun of a medium and with your great armor you can become a real threat to any enemy tanks unfortunate enough to get in your way. Tier 5 is a great tier for new players so I suggest anyone new to stay there for a little bit to learn the tricks and nuances of the game. It starts getting a lot more trickier the higher you go. Getting the biggest and highest tier tank should not be a priority for new guys. Trust me.

    IGN: bladearts

    my favorite tank is amx 13 90.i have over 700 battles in it.i like that tank because i can play like batchat with light tank advantages.its a mini batchat 25t.with 1500 burst damage it can finish the remaining low health tanks at ease.

    wargaming ID: KNEEPAIN

    Favorite tank? I have many favorites depending on the situation.

    But if you want a tank you're likely to love regardless of the type of player you are and a good direction for new players, it's hard to go wrong with AMX 50 100 (French Tier 8 Heavy Tank). It tops the charts in both in-battle performance and many other out-of-battle advantages.

    Battle performance
    To start off this part of the discussion, let me first throw out a fact - this is the tank that all good tournament teams and tank companies will usually include.

    Even though it is classified as a heavy tank, it does not have any useful armor, not even against tanks more than two tiers below you. But the AMX 50 100 more than makes up for that with high speed and its feared signature weapon: 100mm SA47 gun with 6-round autoloader drum.

    Let me explain this autoloader thing - when you started playing, at the lower tiers, you would notice many guns can shoot multiple rounds before the entire magazine is reloaded. As the tiers get higher and the guns get bigger, multiple smaller bullets are depreciated in favor of a big gun that inflicts high damage in one shot. It would take a while for these autoloaders to, occasionally, appear again at higher tiers, and usually they're lighter tanks that use the autoloading mechanism to compensate for a smaller gun.

    Not the AMX 50 100, it has a gun that has excellent penetration (the only heavy tank with higher penetration is T34, and that one is a premium tank) and a damage on-par with the American and German heavy tanks. So basically you take a gun that is already good, and you let it shoot 6 rounds before reloading. 6 rounds, or 6 times 300 damage = 1800 damage, that is 200-300 damage more than the full HP of tier 8 tanks.

    Combine that firepower with good speed, and armor is less of a problem as you can easily kill a lonely enemy yourself while taking only two or one hit yourself, sometimes none. Many good tactics can be used with this tank - playing like a medium tank and hitting the back of the enemy (except you have way more firepower; a single AMX 50 100 inflicts great damage and 3 can wipe out a team), rushing ahead to take a position and killing any early rushers, holding a position by instilling fear with your gun.

    Tips with using AMX 50 100:
    - By shooting the front/rear sprocket/idler wheel you can destroy the track and do HP damage at the same time. With the penetration of the gun it is easy to achieve, and with the 6-round drum you can keep the target permanently tracked and, if possible, unable to attack. Then it's relaxing as you keep doing that until the target is destroyed.
    - Trade blows with the enemy. You can fire 6 rounds while getting hit twice, once, or even zero times. Either catch the enemy off-guard and fire 1-2 shots before he reacts, or bait his shot and after he has fired you can attack with impunity. Remember to destroy the track to prevent escape. Works better with teammate support.
    - Avoid fighting multiple enemies (unless it's to support your teammates in a large engagement, if so by all means shoot the enemy from the front with your high penetration, or go behind them). The advantages of having an autoloader is diminished when fighting against multiple enemies, and you're left with the disadvantage of having no armor.
    - Makes a good sniper too! Problem with sniping tanks is that they have either A) low damage per shot, or B) long reload, so missing the shot hurts, and plus C) they can only damage a faraway moving tank once before it escapes to safety. None of that applies to AMX 50 100. Rapid-fire between shots ensure some hit, good damage per shot, and enough firepower to kill the poor soul.

    Out-of-battle advantages
    Firstly, as mentioned above, the AMX 50 100 is highly-demanded in teams. Get into a tank company and win some gold in TanK Company Frenzy events. Or just for the joy of victory.

    Secondly, the 100mm SA47 gun is also the best gun of Lorraine 40t, a tank which is a total nightmare to drive if you don't already have that gun researched.

    Third, ammo cost. Around 1000 credits per shot is about the same as other tanks, but this tank can already display its full potential with the standard ammo providing high penetration, without spending lots of credits or gold for premium ammo. In comparison, some tanks that are also excellent in their tier when using premium ammo, for example (tier 8) T69 and KV-5, have normal ammo with abysmal penetration, and using premium ammo runs up the bill very quickly.

    And lastly, it is the lowest-tier autoloader heavy tank in the game, the only other such tank being the American tier 10, T57 Heavy. So you get to enjoy this beast early. There are other lower-tier autoloader tanks, but they are mainly light tanks and have a wimpy gun, and from personal experience cannot be played like an "in your face, 1800HP damage!" tank. Also, the research path to get AMX 50 100, while not the best, is relatively pain-free since all tanks before it are at least somewhat decent (with the exception of tier 6, ARL 44 - another tank you will love).

    Wargaming ID: Bluefunk

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